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Chapter 1
My name is Royalty and I’m sixteen years old. I’ve just turned sixteen though and I had a rather quiet birthday as I’m really shy and I didn’t have many friends at school. I really don’t mind though. I have curly black hair which I keep shoulder length and blue eyes. I have a perfect smile with pure white teeth hidden behind sweet light pink lips.
I opened the door to the apartment I call my home and looked around and sighed. I threw my bag on the chair and looked around for something to eat. My little sister Lina crawled out from under the kitchen table with her pick teddy bear and ran to hug me. She had a wild imagination and for some reason she came up with the idea that the chairs and tables were like the walls of a castle and she would put all of her toys there when she wanted to play.
“Hey Ro-Ro.” she said happily
“Hey kid.” I took down two yogurts
She was almost three and starting school in a few weeks when September began. She looked like Cynthia and Mondo and not a bit like me. She had brown shoulder length hair and their brown eyes.
“Where’s mom?” I asked handing her a yogurt and a spoon
“I’m here.” I heard her voice and I turned around to face her “You’re home very early Rei.”
“The last period got cancelled because of an incident at school so the school was dismissed early.” I told her opening my yogurt and sinking the spoon in.
My mom grinned at me slyly as she waltzed into the kitchen and turned on the radio.
“Oh mom.” I rolled my eyes as she turned it onto a slow love song.
“Oh Royalty.” she mocked me with a laugh “C’mon let’s dance.”
“No.” I backed away from her “Big girls don’t do those things. Dance with Lina.”
“What no!” Hinako shot at me and then ran
“Girls.” mother started but we were already up the stairs and laughing.
At around nine that night Lina and I were snuggled under the sheets and sleeping peacefully without any idea what was going on downstairs-well almost no idea. We were woken up by the sound of a fist being slammed hard on the table and I woke up in shock. I heard a soft knocking on my door and opened it. Lina was standing there in pajamas with her cream teddy in her hand.
“What’s going on?” I asked her
“People down-tairs with mamma and papa.” Lina took hold of my hand and pulled me to the end of the corridor over the living room
I saw my mother beginning to cry and for the first time I heard my father speak softly to her but with regret in his voice.
“Give us the rest of the day with them.” I heard my father say
What on earth is he talking about? Who the heck is out there?
From on top all I could see was the feet of the people who were talking to my parents. I couldn’t see the bodies clearly to know if they were male or female. We heard an army of feet march out the door and slam it close. Mother and father started to get up and I pulled Lina into her room quickly and ran into mine and ducked under the sheets fast.
The next morning I was woken up by my mother humming in my room as she pulled back the curtains. Her eyes were bloodshot red so I knew she was crying. I sat up and yawned as she gave me a weak smile.
“Breakfast is ready Ro.” she said “You don’t have school today so you can stay home.”
“Why?” I asked
“Um….uh…food is ready. Get dressed please.” my mother said then leaving
I knew she was hiding something. I ignored her and grabbed a towel and went to get Lina before dragging the little sleepy into the shower. I turned on the shower and undressed Lina then took off my clothes. I gently lifted up Lina and placed her in the shower and got in with her.
She was always trying to make my job of taking care of her easier even if she hardly knew how to do much by herself because I had to teach her. I took some soap in my hand and soaped down her small body and tickled her so she laughed a little and wiped suds on my face then laughed. I splashed her with water and she splashed me back. I bathe myself in front of her while she rinsed out. I shampooed her hair and rinsed it then did mine. I turned off the shower and we leapt out.
I dried her down with the towel then dried myself and wrapped in the towel and we walked out. She didn’t care to the fact that she was walking around naked and I wish I could go back to being three. I quickly chose out clothes and changed and freshened up with deodorant and a small whiff of perfume while she chose what she wanted to wear. I help her put on her pink Dora panty and poured a little powder down inside then wiped some on her neck with some.
I put on her yellow shirt and small blue soft short pants and found her tiny pink slippers and slipped then on her feet then we went into the kitchen. Father was there with his head in his hands and I ignored him and gave mother a kissed then seated Lina down.
Mother had small pancakes ready and we ate in silence while father looked at us and shook his head sadly and in regret. I wondered what was up. He was extremely nice to the both of I wondered if he hit his head or something for him to be so sad. He was usually happy. He was really quiet and even quieter when he took us out for ice-cream and out for burgers and fries!

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