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Chapter 1 Let him marry a fool?

In the old house of the Bryans.

“To repay her kindness, he asked me to marry a fool?”

William Bryan was sitting on an Italy leather sofa with his long legs crossed. He was reading the evaluation report in his hand expressionlessly.

When he saw the words ‘IQ =50’ in the report, he frowned and the temperature around him instantly dropped.

“I’ll never Marry her” William Bryan stood up abruptly, raised his hand, and threw the report out.

After he finished speaking, he was about to leave, but suddenly, his calves tightened as if they were being hugged by something. He couldn’t move!

He lowered his head and saw a woman in an exquisite dress kneeling on the ground, hugging him tightly with both hands.

“Don’t be angry, don’t leave Charlee…..s” Charlee Ford looked up, his eyes met William Bryan’s, and she was saying in a silly manner.

During her speaking, saliva flowed from the corners of her mouth.

From this angle, William Bryan could see the woman’s face clearly. Her skin was black, and there was a long and thin scar on her forehead. Her nose and facial features were flat, but her eyes were bright as sunshine.

But when his eyes fell on the drool flowing out of the corner of Charlee Ford’s mouth, William Bryan’s heart began to explode, because he had a serious obsession with cleanliness. Before he could attack, Butler saw that the situation was not good and hurriedly pulled Charlee Ford aside.

“Young master, his lordship said that it was Miss Charlee who saved his life… so…”

A month ago, William’s father returned to his hometown to worship his ancestors, but he got lost in the mountains.

The Bryans searched for several days and nights but couldn’t find him. However, after the rain, his Lordship was carried out by a woman intact.

That woman was Charlee Ford.

“So he took my marriage to repay her kindness?”

William Bryan looked up coldly, not even wanting to look at Charlee Ford, and ordered, “Get her out!”

“Young master…but…but now Mrs. Charlee is already a young mistress of the Bryans!”

The Butler was puzzled, but suddenly thought of his lordship’s words, and simply took out two red marriage certificates.

William’s father prepared the marriage certificate in advance, meaning that it was certain that there was no room for resistance.

The living room fell silent.

William Bryan took the marriage certificates from Butler’s hand and flipped through them. He was so angry that he wanted to smash the two marriage certificates into pieces with his hands.

The Butler lowered his head and looked innocent.

William Bryan was a well-known successful businessman, but being a 32 years old man, he did not even marry a woman. Everyone was saying he was gay.

William’s father’s move is just to destroy the rumors

But who would have thought that William’s father would arrange for a fool as the young master’s wife!?

“Sugar sugar sweet, I want sugar!”

At this moment, Charlee who had been pushed aside suddenly moved closer to William Bryan. She held a lollipop in her hand and stared at him with bright eyes.

He looked up and saw that the lollipop was still covered in saliva. The saliva was so thick that it almost dripped to the ground.

She dared to give him something that she had eaten!

William Bryan was so angry that he almost lost his breath. He finally couldn’t help but got angry and said, “What are you still doing? Get her out of here now! Now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the surroundings fell silent.

The next second, Charlee Ford cried out loud!

She cried and hugged William Bryan’s waist, “Honey, don’t you want Charlee? Charlee is very good, Charlee will share sugar with you!”

Tears and snot flowed down William Bryan’s suit.

The sudden move caught William Bryan off guard. When he tried to push Charlee Ford away, he did not expect that the woman was quite strong and he could not push her away.

But the Butler didn’t come forward to help and was still smiling.

“Don’t you want me? Then I want to give you a baby.” Charlee Ford sobbed, suddenly raised her head, and said with a serious face.

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