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Chapter 1 The Beginning of the Nightmare

It was 12 a.m. in a villa on the outskirts of the southern city. Sherry Garcia was wearing pajamas and reading job postings on the Internet. Her eyes were sour and she was about to close the computer and go to bed when the door to her room opened and footsteps were heard behind her.

The sleepiness of Sherry disappeared suddenly, the man’s hand encircled her neck from behind, thick alcohol smell came, making her slightly wrinkled brows.” Mr. Aaron…”

The man ignored her and pushed her down on the bed. Not know how long it took, this affair just slowly ended. Sherry to the bathroom to take a bath, her whole body tired, thinking of that man, she thought of the past again.

Aaron Swift was the most powerful man in the southern city, while Sherry was the daughter of a poor family. During freshman year, she fell in love with this outstanding senior at first sight, but Sherry knew that he was too high to reach him, two people should not have any intersection. However, Aaron’s sister Monica became her good friend. Just three years ago, she took Monica home to play and her son of a bitch brother Gavin did not know Monica’s identity. He took the lead in raping Monica with a few friends.

Her brother was in prison, her mother was ill, and her father died of alcoholism at an early age…

“Sherry, approaching my sister because you like me? Do you know what you’ve done to her?” “Your brother hurt my sister, and you think his imprisonment is over? You must suffer twice as much as my sister suffered!”

The secret love in their heart is uncovered, two people meet for the first time, and Sherry has become a sinner in his eyes!

She reluctantly signed a three-year contract with Aaron Swift to pay her debts.

Sherry dried herself off and went back to bed.

She tried to console herself that there were two months left on her three-year contract. You will have a better life in the future, Sherry!

The next day, Sherry woke up early and the man next to her was still asleep. It was a face so beautiful that any woman would be obsessed to see it.

But in Sherry’s mind, Aaron now is the devil. She quietly got out of bed, washed and went downstairs to prepare breakfast expertly. There were no servants in the villa. Sherry had to wait upon Aaron not only in bed, but also in life.

At eight o’clock Aaron Swift came downstairs punctually. The man was dressed in a black suit, and his whole body exuded an air of cold asceticism. Sherry looked at him and whispered, “Mr. Aaron, breakfast is ready.” She was not fit to call him by his full name in this villa, still less to dine with him. Sherry was about to go upstairs to clean up after last night when the man stopped her.

“Sherry Garcia.” Aaron gave her a faint look and said, “Are you looking for a job?”

Sherry then remembered that she didn’t turn off her computer last night, maybe Aaron saw it. She didn’t deny it: “I’m just looking, Mr. Aaron, please don’t worry, I will leave after two months.”

Without another word, Aaron walked straight to the dining room, with a depth in his eyes.

It’s almost three years…

But his sister is still in the psychiatric hospital because of things in those days. Sherry, why are you trying to move on?!

At this thought, his whole body gave off a gloomy and cold breath.

Sherry didn’t know what was going on in Aaron’s mind. She went back to her room to clean up the mess from the night before. Then she ran some water to wash the clothes. She was not allowed to use the washing machine and had to wash everything by hand.

The cold winter water made her fingers stiff and red, but Sherry’s face was expressionless, as if she was used to it.

All she could think about was what her life would be like two months from now, but this was the beginning of her nightmare…

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