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Chapter 1 Tragic Death
On a dark night, the silence was gloomy, the wind howled coldly, and the moon in the sky was too dim to shine.
In the eastern suburbs, in a dilapidated hut…
Nan Youyou fell on the dirty ground in a mess, his hands bound and his stomach bulging.
“Remember? Where is the jade?” White Su looked down at the mess on the ground, his eyes full of contempt.
“I bah! I think you are my best friend, but you betrayed me! You bitch!”
Nan Youyou gnashed his teeth and looked at the woman in front of him, with monstrous anger and hatred in his eyes.
This man’s name is Bai Su. He is a high school classmate with himself. He used to talk about everything, but he stole her boyfriend and even tied himself up at this moment, just to get her family heirloom Yu Pei!
Bai Su, who was scolded by Nan Youyou, looked very ugly. She picked up Nan Youyou’s hair and gathered it in front of her. Her eyes were full of malice. “Believe it or not, I’ll let the wild species in your stomach die now?”
When it comes to children, Nan Youyou’s face turned white.
“You dare! That’s Jingyu’s child!”
She looked at Bai Su with determination, regardless of the pain on her body, bowed her body and subconsciously wanted to protect the baby in her belly, but only got a burst of irony from the other party.
“Ha ha, Jingyu won’t care about this Xiao Ye in your belly! The person he loves is me! I can only give birth to him!”
Bai Su threw Nan Youyou back to the ground with a flash of madness in her eyes.
Nan Youyou looked up stubbornly. Even if he was at a disadvantage, he also exuded an indomitable momentum. “You are nonsense. He likes me and will definitely care about our children. You are just a shameless third party!”
The word “third party” stung Bai Su’s heart. Her eyes flashed a fierce light. Suddenly, she raised her feet high and kicked her southward belly again and again without mercy.
Nan Youyou bowed up in pain and was sweating all over.
“A third party? Oh, you bitch with other people’s bastards have no qualification to say so about me!”
“Say! Where on earth is Yu Pei!”
The strength at the foot of Bai Su was cruel and accurate. Nan Youyou twitched in pain, cold sweat, and cried painfully-“Child… loosen your feet! My child… Jingyu saved me!”
Perhaps God heard her screams of grief. The next moment, Shen Jingyu appeared in front of Nan Youyou.
Nan Youyou flashed across the flame of hope in his eyes, instantly pushed aside Bai Su, who had stopped moving, climbed to Shen Jingyu, grabbed her trouser leg, and asked in a mourning voice, “What she said is not true, is it?”
“Jingyu, I’m in pain, please save… save our children!”
“Our child?” Shen Jingyu’s face, which has always been gentle to her, is full of cold at the moment, and her voice has no emotion at all. “I don’t love you, how can I let you conceive my child?”
In a word, it is like a bolt from the blue.
“You, what did you say?”
“I have never touched you, and where did you come from?”
Shen Jingyu’s mouth suddenly evoked a cruel smile.
Nan Youyou looked at him in a dull wait for a while. How could he not believe that a man who was still deeply attached to her a few days ago would say such a word?
In despair, she saw again that Shen Jingyu stretched out his hand and surrounded the clever Bai Su with a gentle tone. “Susu, you are pregnant, you can’t move the fetal gas, go and rest.”
“Well, good.”
Bai Su obediently went back to rest and looked at her Yu Guangzhong with the pride of WINNER.
Nan Youyou felt like a thunder in his mind.
They, have children?
What about her? She’s nothing!
“Shen Jingyu! Explain it to me clearly! What is going on with you!” South Youyou’s body is full of blood, but she doesn’t care, doesn’t care, as long as a man’s answer!
“There is nothing to explain!” Shen Jingyu looked at her coldly. “The person I love has always been Susu. You think we are two of a kind. You don’t want to think about it. You are married to other men. I am not eating leftovers in Shen Jingyu. I am not interested in making shoes!”
Shoes? He said she was a whore?
Nan Youyou looked at his cold face and suddenly burst out laughing.
For the sake of Shen Jingyu, she resisted the pressure of the whole family and did not marry Gu Tingyu for a long time. She even gave her body to Shen Jingyu intact because she loved him.
But what did he say? He said he was a whore? !
“What are you laughing at? Hand over Yu Pei quickly! Hand it over and I will spare your life!”
“Shen Jingyu, do you love me?” Nan Youyou suddenly stopped laughing and asked such a sentence.
Shen Jingyu frowned, “Love, okay? Yu Pei give it to me.”
Nan Youyou looked at his perfunctory appearance and was filled with desolation.
For so many years, she was busy at home and abroad for Shen Jingyu’s company, and did not hesitate to cheat Gu Tingyu’s trade secrets to Shen Xingyu, but it turned out that he was only using himself all the time!
“No, there is no Yu Pei!”
“I’ll give you one last chance and answer honestly. For many years, I can let you go.”
“No! Kill me if you have the ability!” The pain in her body is far from the pain in her heart. She knows that her child can’t be saved, and she doesn’t want to live!
Nan Youyou stared at the man, his eyes full of pain and hate.
“Oh, I won’t kill you. Don’t you care most about this child?” Shen Jingyu gently stroked Nan Youyou’s stomach and smiled like a devil. “Then I want you to see it with your own eyes. How did you die in front of you!”
“No… no!” Nan Youyou felt a cold feeling straight at his forehead. What is he going to do?
There were several five big and three thick men around, holding her without pity, holding a dagger in his hand…
“Poof bang…”
“No! Ah!”
The severe pain twisted Nan Youyou instantly, his hands and feet ached, and he felt that something important was being lost in his body…
A pool of blood, soaked with an unformed child, was thrown on the ground like garbage.
“No, no!”
Nan Youyou twitched in pain and kept screaming. Whoever listened to the voice could not bear to read it.
Shen Jingyu squatted beside her, pulled open the hair stuck on her face, looked at Nan Youyou, who was already breathing more and less, and sneered, “Even if you don’t give it, it doesn’t matter. I can go to your house and turn it over. I can always find it.”
“Beast… beast! You won’t succeed! Gu Tingyu will stop you!”
“The cripple? Ha ha!” Shen Jingyu laughed arrogantly. “Can he stop me? Dreaming!”
Only when his voice just fell, there was a loud noise outside.
One of his men ran in from the outside in a panic covered in blood-
“Shen young master, no… not good! Aaron family seven ye found…”
Aaron family Seventh Master, Gu Tingyu.
“What!” Shen Jingyu’s eyes flashed a touch of panic. He never thought that the other party would find it so soon.
He looked back, glanced at the woman whose eyes had lost their luster on the ground, bit his teeth, and then turned around and ran away without nostalgia.
Nan Youyou felt his sight gradually blurred and his whole body was cold and painful.
She saw the back of Shen Jingyu fleeing hurriedly, saw the fire in front of her eyes, and the fetus that they threw on the ground and could already see the eyebrow eye shallowly…
Nan Youyou smiled sadly and moved bit by bit to the dug-out child. Blood and tears streaked across the corner of his eye and merged with the fire-“Shen Jingyu, you can’t die a natural death!” </p >

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