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Chapter 1 Cheated

“Dad, why hasn’t that disabled Oscar arrived yet? Could it be that he noticed something?”

“That’s not possible. You and Isobel are twins. No one can differentiate you two except me!”

“Two days ago, I sneaked a look at Oscar. As expected, he was old and ugly and had to be carried onto a wheelchair by the bodyguards. Also, he looks like he is about to die at any moment… Would Isobel run if she knew that this marriage is to ward off his illness?”

“Just wait until everything’s done. Then, she won’t be able to escape even if she wants to!”

“Hmph, that jinx, Isobel, is quite useful. However, since she married him under my name, when Oscar dies, her share of the inheritance will belong to me.”

“Of course!”

At the slightly opened door of the private room, Isobel was leaning against the door while listening to the conversation between her father, Sean May, and her sister, Emily May. She was wearing a white wedding dress and was stunned on the spot!

Three days ago, her father, who she had never seen before, came to her grandmother’s house in the countryside to find her. He said that her twin sister was in trouble abroad and could not come back to get married. Then, he asked her to complete the wedding on her sister’s behalf.

That was the first time she had seen her father. Her mother had had a very smooth labor when she had given birth to Emily, but when it was her turn, her mother had difficulties, and had die of blood loss in the end. The fortune-teller said that she was a jinx. If her grandmother hadn’t pleaded bitterly, her father would have strangled her to death in her cradle.

Having lived with her grandmother in the countryside for twenty-two years, Isobel had always thought that she would never see the Mays in her life. She did not expect her father to come to see her one day. Moreover, he sincerely apologized for his neglect over the years and said he would bring her and her grandmother to the city to treat her grandmother’s illness.

It turned out that everything was a scam!

If she hadn’t come to the lounge to get her cell phone that she had left here, she would never have heard such a jaw-breaking conversation!

Bang! Isobel kicked open the door.

The father and daughter, who were drinking and talking at the bar counter, were shocked and turned to look at the door.

While carrying the hem of her wedding dress, Isobel entered the room, pulled off her veil, and threw it at Emily. “Since the bride is back, there’s no need for a replacement like me to be here! I hope you will be a widow soon!”

She picked up her phone under the couch pillow and ordered a cab while walking out.

Her actions angered Emily, and Emily threw away the glass in her hand before rushing at Isobel. “Isobel! Stop right there!”

She quickly grabbed the unprepared Isobel and closed the door. “You have no other choice but to get married! Don’t forget that your grandmother is still waiting for us to save her!”

Looking at the face that looked exactly like hers, Isobel felt both stuffy and distressed.

They were born from the same mother, yet they lived entirely different lives.

Who would have thought they would be in such an ironic situation the first time they met?

Isobel’s hands that were hanging by her sides were clenched into fists, and she tried hard to restrain the rising sadness in her heart. She calmly said, “Emily, she is also your grandmother!”

“So what? She only raised you, but she never raised me! It’s none of my business whether she lives or dies!” The corners of Emily’s mouth curled into a cold and disdainful smile.

Isobel’s eyes were full of anger, but she kept her smile. “Sure, then let’s see what happens! If anything happens to Grandma, I will tell the Taylors everything you’ve just said!”

Slap! A heavy slap landed on Isobel’s face. Then, Sean pointed at her and scolded, “You little bitch, how dare you threaten us! I shouldn’t have been soft-hearted and let you continue living in this world!”

Isobel didn’t expect such a slap and could hear a ringing in her ears as well as a burning pain on her cheek.

But it was far less painful than the torn wound in her heart.

She raised her head and smiled at the furious Sean. “Don’t worry, the days of you regretting being soft-hearted are yet to come! If you don’t kill me sooner or later, I will jinx all of you!”

After saying that, she turned around, opened the door, and ran out recklessly.

“What should we do, Dad? We’re going to be exposed!” Emily stomped her feet anxiously.

Sean calmly comforted her, “It’s okay, go and hide! I have a plan in mind. No one will believe that she is Isobel May!”

As he spoke, a cold light flashed across his eyes. Then, he shouted, “Oh no, the bride has escaped!”

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