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Chapter 1
Another day more stress.
This life style I choose to live into was slowly killing me.
This crappy apartment was about to fall down I was literally sure of that.
Removing the covers off me I walked in the bathroom to do my morning routine.
After brushing showering and doing other necessities for a morning I walked in my room to dry myself and maybe get some breakfast.
Walking down to the bathroom the wood was slowly coming out and to my horror when I opened the fridge there was no freaking food.
I was hungry and the job hunting was not doing me any peace.
To my couch I heard the message ding in my laptop.
What else was it to ruin my morning routine if not getting food has not done enough damage.
Lazily I walked to my couch and opened it.
From the Jvanv enterprise corporation.
What the hell.
I was given an interview two hours from now.
What the fuck!
A job I applied for like a month ago now it is when they are thinking of calling me hell not even calling but sending me a message that I have an interview in the next two hours?
It has always been my dream to once wake up and be like
I am working in the Jvanv building but waking up and seeing that my interview was two a hours away from slipping out of my hand was a nightmare.
For a moment I froze not knowing what to do and time did not make it any better. It moved in slow motion then after five good seconds everything went back to normal an alarm ringing in my head.
Rushing to my small sized closet I removed a pant suit and a yellow blouse to go.
I walked to my shoes and chose to go with the black stilettos.
Which were easily simple.
If that didn’t make me look professional enough then I didn’t know what could.
I didn’t have enough money on me to get myself a cup of coffee neither did I have the time.
Calculating all the time I would spend in these streets I groaned.
From where I was living to get to the Jvanv building was one hour and a half ride if the train didn’t delay or the bus.
To walk from where I was living to the gas station was ten minutes and the time to go in that line for a ticket was another so technically I was already late.
Getting on my conclusion I decided to go empty stomach and a humbling headache that was making me miserable for the day.
Walking in the subway was miserable I got people two bumped on me and some even pushed me which was hectic adding the fact that I had heels on.
Wherever they were rushing to I hope they got there late after tripping and falling in mud because you just couldn’t push a person without an excuse me or saying a sorry when you did so.
I stood there taking in the non ending tall building full of glasses that made it seem even more gorgeous.
The guard was looking at me the whole time
I didn’t know if he thought that I was an idiot maybe or stupid but he did look at me weirdly until I decided to put my acts together.
When I told him what I was doing here he let me in and even gave me the directions to finding the reception.
Wasn’t he nice.
“Uum.. Hi” I said to the receptionist who seemed to act as if I was not even there when she clearly saw me.
If I was not looking for a job here I would have given her punch for treating me so lowly.
She looked at me then went back to typing.
“Walk straight take your right there will be an elevator then press to the thirtieth floor” she said not even looking at me.
Almost giving her the middle finger I calmed myself down.
I was not going to go all crazy before I even talk with my employer.
I took the directions she gave me.
And let me tell you the elevator music brought some sleep in me.
It looked like I wasn’t the only one there.
Like ten more people were occupying the waiting area which included both men and women and when I entered all the heads turned toward me.
I didn’t look at them or give them the satisfaction that I cared if they looked at me badly or anything instead I walked with confidence and sashayed like a boss.
Confidence was always a way of showing that you weren’t scared and the way to earn respect.
“Hi I am Nayra Hotch” I said to the receptionist
“Hi you look so familiar” she said looking at me straight in the eyes.
Crap my cover was blowing away.
I smiled taking a step back.
She couldn’t know me or else everything would go away.
“Uumm sorry mam but you must be mistaken we have never met” I said giving her an even wider smile.
She murmured something under her breath but shook her head.
“I am Lena here is your script you are number ten on the list.
Sorry for getting the last number but your arrival status is late” she said giving me an apologetic smile.
I mentally groaned but thanked her anyway.
Now I was going to spend my time here feeling like a dying frog.
Patience was my friend but it didn’t mean that boredom was.
An hour passed and only half of them have gone I was getting bored each passing second.
I looked at the remaining ladies seated
one seemed to have an interest on the wall that was ahead of her
another one was busy typing on her phone
the typing was making noise in the quiet hall making everyone get annoyed and what amazed me was how she didn’t seem to care.

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