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Hi! I am Avereign Hannah Fuentez, the daughter of Harold Fuentez, a Prosecutor and Innah Fuentez, a Surgeon. My mom and dad are not divorced but they both decided to be separated. The reason why? Well, I don’t know! I really don’t know. I don’t know who between them did something wrong.
I was just a kid when my parents got separated. I thought it’s just because my dad is always busy with his clients that’s why he’s not coming home but I’m wrong, there’s happening something that I didn’t know, a sin done by one of them that made them reached that point, a separation.
That time, I was just a kid who loves telling a story, some scenes I have encountered somewhere else. I have no idea that my stories helped my mom realized something that made them come back to the way they used to be. A happy couple together with their child.
My story is not just about my parents’ separation. This is about what I have experienced when I grew up. My experiences that even you… you… you… will not wish to happen. Why? Do you want to know? Then, start listening/reading to my stories that will make you feel loved, amazed, surprised, shocked, annoyed etc. The story of my life that will bring you excitement, joy and satisfaction. It will make you cry and suddenly smile. You will feel like you are present in every situation.
The sun is about to leave and hide with the clouds. The sky turns to gray, a little girl always watches this kind of scene. One evening, from a deep sleep I was awaken, my room was very dark but I did not cry nor scream like other children do. I tried to turn on the lamp but no lights occur.
I opened the window bravely; the trees were dancing wildly and the air was as noisy as bees and there’s neither moon nor stars in the sky.
The door opens slowly with a creepy sound like the door opens on its own….
I know to myself that I did not feel scared but shocked. Someone who has a long hair entered my room wearing white. I widened my eyes and cover my face. I thought a stranger entered my room when I opened my eyes again. Huhh! I took a deep breath… It was just my mom holding a candle.
“Hannah my dear, are you scared? Mommy is here. I brought you a candle to lighten up your room, her mother said. No mom, I’m not, you may now go back to your room and sleep tight, Good night! she answered.
Instead of going back to sleep again, Hannah watch what will happen to the candle the whole night.
The sun is awake! What a bright day today! Hannah went to the kitchen to see her mother cooking foods for breakfast but she did not saw her mother. She knocked on the door and enter to the room.
She saw her mother crying. Her tears are about to fall but she just smiled and wiped her tears.
“Do you missed Dad?”, Hannah asked. “Don’t be sad mom, I know you missed Dad and I missed him too. Aha! I have a bright idea! Let’s go to the park mom”, Hannah added. Upon walking in the park, seeing lots of beautiful views, children playing, Hannah saw an ice cream vendor. She bought two ice creams and she gave her mother one.
The sun is hot! The ice cream melts, and the little boy accidentally hit her hand. Her white dress was stained with chocolate.
The clock turns fast, it’s already 4 o’clock in the afternoon, a way near to their house, they saw a little girl who is looking above the tree, her balloon was trapped on the diverged branches of the tree. She cried out loud and did not do anything to get her balloon until the wind blows and takes off the balloon from the branches and it flown away.
They went home and her mother fell asleep early while Hannah went to her bedroom and watch for her favorite scene. She was wondering why the sun is not yet leaving. “Is the sun waiting for something?”, she asked to herself.
After an hour, she was amazed of what she had witnessed, the sun embraced the moon and at last they met each other.
Until one morning, Hannah tells her mother different situations she encountered.
” You know what mom, I saw the candle crying, is that what it always does the whole night? But still I was amazed with that thing because until its last life, it stands and gives light to dark”, Hannah said smartly. Her mom stopped crying and continuously lends her ears to the situations that Hannah will tell her.
“Do you still remember the little boy who hit my hand?”, she asked her mom. “He did not say sorry but still I realized not to be mad at him because the stain he made into my dress can be removed as time goes by”, Hannah explained.
“How about the little girl who is crying while looking above the tree? She lost her balloon because she did not hold it tight, anyway it’s her fault. If she really loves that balloon, she will do anything to bring it back to her”, she explained intelligently.
After that moment, Hannah saw her father hiding on a tree but she did not tell it to her mother.
Days, weeks, months passed by, her father always hide and the only thing he can do is to watch her wife.
But one day, while watering the plants in the garden, Innah saw her husband Harold hiding on a tree. At last, she hugged her husband tight and forgives him.
Hannah realized those situations when she grew up. She is just a little girl that moment and loves telling a story like other children usually do. She did not expect that those situations are the reasons why they have a happy and complete family until now.
One morning, I woke up early to see how sun rises and how beautiful it is. I opened the window silently. From my room which is located at the second floor, I saw my mom and dad together.
I know they are happy together. Just like what everybody says, “Love is sweeter the second time around.” I love seeing them looking at each other’s eye, I’m so happy and proud to be their daughter. A daughter that once before a child when they get separated but now a lady, Hannah said to herself (while looking at her parents who are sitting at the bench). Yes! like two love birds sitting on the nest.
I still remember when my mom is crying because of my dad. I thought it’s just a simple problem like losing phone, Hannah uttered. Until now, I didn’t know what happened to them and they decided to be separated. She closed the window properly and took a deep breath.
Hmmmmm… When will I experience that kind of love, they have for each other? Still a big question mark for me. There’s a lot of questions in my mind and I can’t control this feeling. I’m always thinking about it and ask myself. With whom will I fall in love? When? Where? How?
I want to find a man just like my dad. I know I’m only 14-year-old young lady but I want to find the right man for me, the man who will love me and will never hurt me. I mean, though my parents love me, my friends love me, the love from a man is different from their love. You know what I mean.
I have a lot of friends. There are three (3) boys and we are four (4) girls in the group. They are Adam, Terrence, Dave, Vhiann, Kesiah, Kiarra and I. You know what’s unbelievable with our friendship? My friends are not coming in our house, even in some occasions or special events. Maybe that is because we only want see each other in every meeting place where the majority wanted to go for meet up. A cafe, a restaurant or somewhere else.
Hannah with her friends are about to go home after talking about what they are going to do this coming vacation. She crossed the road looking back at her friends and waved. She crossed the road before the next the traffic light changes it color. And suddenly…

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