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Chapter 1

Apologize for your sins with death, I will consider forgiving you

Twilight strikes.
Heavy rain washed the earth.
The air is filled with strong dust smell.
Outside the iron gate of Lujia Courtyard, Shen Weimian’s eyes were red and swollen. “Lu Zhiyao, what should I do to let Mason family go?” .
She was tearful and let the rain hit her, freezing cold. The knee was skinned by the friction of stones, and the blood overflowed. It was quickly washed clean by the heavy rain, and a burst of pain came from the knee.
“What if I say, let you die?” Lu Zhiyao held an umbrella in a dull and alienated tone.
Shen Weimian just looked at him, completely froze, the man’s words are like a knife, severely inserted in her heart, the heart pulled pain, as if strangled locked, let her breathless.
“Why? Dare not?” The man sneered, the fundus flashed a touch of disdain.
“Since dare not die, then don’t appear in front of me. Shen Weimian, I hate betrayal most in my life, so only when you apologize for death will I consider letting your family go.”
Lu Zhiyao lowered his head, and in his deep eyes, disgust and hatred were not concealed.
Shen did not sleep a choke, speechless.
Seeing her stiff, Lu Zhiyao’s thin and cool lips evoked a radian of MoMo. He said every word, bloodthirsty and cruel, “It’s a pity that your good brother is only twenty-five years old!”
My ear exploded with a bang.
Shen sleepless panicked. Her face turned white for an instant and she shouted nervously at the distance of landing. “This is a matter between the two of us. Why do you want to involve others?”
Her subconscious words aroused Lu Zhiyao’s anger. The man calmly grabbed her wrist, lifted her from the ground with force, and then threw her hard on the iron gate behind him.
A loud noise, Shen sleepless back severely hit the hard door, the cold thorn feeling mixed with severe pain hit, her painful eyes flushed.
“Why, distressed?” Lu Zhiyao’s eyes ignited raging anger.
Shen sleepless body trembled slightly. She looked up at the man and saw that the cheek she was very familiar with was full of anger and hatred at the moment. She could no longer find a trace of spoil and trust.
On the man’s angry eyes, Shen sleepless heart a tight.
“Please, let go of my family and Brother Chuyu. He is innocent. If you have any dissatisfaction, come to me, OK?” She lowered her eyes, lost her arrogance just now, and humbly begged.
Seeing her defend Shen Chuyu with her own eyes, Lu Zhiyao’s anger was even worse.
“Oh… innocent…” with a sneer in his mouth, “Do you mean it is innocent to sleep with someone else’s wife, or is it innocent to sleep with your sister?”
Thinking of the scene three years ago, Lu Zhiyao’s aura dropped rapidly, cold and frightening. He held out his hand, squeezed Shen sleepless chin hard, and sarcastically said, “Hey, you really love your brother Chuyu. Are you Shen people so shameless and cheap?”
Shen sleepless stunned shook his head again and again. “No, not what you think.”
She choked up, tears rolled out big and big, trying to explain, but when she reached her mouth, she couldn’t say anything.
“Am I wrong?”
Seeing that she didn’t speak, Lu Zhiyao’s face became more and more gloomy, and his eyes were thin and cool. “Shen sleepless, you are a bitch, because you can’t stand loneliness, you even climb your brother’s bed, and you still have the face to give birth to his bastard.”
Three years ago, when he heard that she was pregnant, he turned off all cooperation and happily drove home from abroad. Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the house, he heard her and Shen Chuyu rolling on their wedding bed. Even, studying how to inherit his property after his death.
At that moment, his fiery heart completely collapsed, with deep love and pain of hate. At that time, he vowed to destroy everything she cared about.
“That’s not the case. Don’t say it again. Don’t say it again.” Shen Weimian, like crazy, blocked his ears hard and didn’t want to listen to Lu Zhiyao’s mean words any more.
That’s his child!
How can he be so vicious?
Shen did not sleep as if he had been pricked by a needle in his heart, and the pain was tightly pressed.
But she can’t argue.
“Can’t you stand it?” Lu Zhiyao’s low and cold voice sounded in the dark. The next second, a big generous hand got into her clothes and rubbed her softness hard. “My revenge has just begun!”

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