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Chapter 1 The Child Is Not Mine

Under such dim light, eve the well-prepared food seemed less attractive。
When she pulled the chair out from the dining table, she heard sounds from the front door and dashed to the man to take over the things in his hands。
“You are back so early today。 The dinner is not ready yet。 I was cooking…”
“No, thanks”
Jack Wood interrupted her before she could finish her sentence。 He took his scarf off and put it on the coat-hanger right by。
Spotting Jack sat on the couch, Stephanie Brown handed him a cup of water, “You must be exhausted。 Dinner will be ready soon。”
She returned to the kitchen hastily。 Jack watched her, then took out a document folder and put it on the end table。
The oil in the pan splashed up to her hands。 She hissed。 It hurt so much。
“It’s overcooked。” Jack reminded her from behind, pulling her mind back to the kitchen。 Stephanie lifted the lid in panic but was burnt。
Jack, however, was watching indifferently and even made a laugh。
Her blushed and reached for the gloves。 The food inside had turned black a bit, so she took it out at once。
Jack frowned at the dim light and then turned on all the lights in the room。 The room immediately became brighter。
“Stop!” He chided coldly。 Stephanie was shocked。 She turned around to look at him。
She felt that he was upset so she walked over to him, but didn’t know what to do。
Jack took out the stuff inside the document folder and put it in front of Stephanie。 He read, “I have asked someone to check。 The baby in your belly…”
He paused on purpose and looked at her meaningfully。 Catching a flash of joy in her eyes, he sneered in his heart but maintained his poker face。
“The baby’s father is Steve。 DNA Comparison shows 99百分之 match。” He finished his sentence。
The face in front of him turned pale gradually。 Stephanie lifted her head and laughed as if just heard a joke。 “This is impossible。 I didn’t…”
Jack interrupted her without any hesitation and explained indifferently, “Oh, yes。 I kept his sperm and arranged an operation for you。”
“No…That’s not possible。” She lost her voice and covered her belly with her hands。 Jack, however, didn’t waver and tossed the document to her。
Stephanie took the document with her trembling hands。 She examined the data carefully, trying to prove it’s fake。
After a while, she raised her head and looked at him in a forced smile。 “It…it’s all fake, right? Tell me this is a joke, please…I know, this… ”
Jack remained indifferent。 He looked at her mercilessly and said, “You owe him a life。 The baby is the compensation。”
“I owe him nothing!” She shouted。 Her eyes were so red, as if it was about to bleed。 She stood up and walked to the door hastily, mumbling, “I won’t keep this baby。 This shouldn’t have happened…”
Jack frowned and pulled her back。 He gave her a slap, which instantly calmed her down。 She turned her head away, not saying a word。
It was like time had stopped。 None of the two moved。
It felt like a dream to her。 But the burning pain on her face told her that it was all true。
Jack was irritated too。 He took her hand and headed towards another room。 Stephanie obeyed dumbly。
“Now that you have his child, you should have a new identity。 I’ve arranged a ghost marriage for you。 Enjoy your time with him。”
She raised her head and look at the room。 It was in white and red。 The bed was covered in red bed sheet。 On the other side of the room was the black-and-white portrait of the deceased Steve, under which was a table with candles lit on it。
Stephanie ran to Jack in fear and begged, “Let me out。 I don’t want to be here。”
Looking at her horrified face, he gave a mocking laugh。 There was a streak of cruelty in his eyes。 He said in a cold voice, “Steve’s urn is in the bed。 Enjoy your night with him!”
“No…Please, no。” She shook her head madly, tears dropping on his sleeve。
Jack pulled his hands out and took off his coat。 He looked at her in distaste, “You are a whore。”
She stopped crying。 But her hands were still shivering。
Jack walked out and slammed the door, leaving her in the dusky room。 Moonlight fell on the portrait, making his smile spooky。
Stephanie didn’t dare to look at it。 She wiped her tears, lying to herself, “This can’t be true。 It’s all fake。”
She shut and reopened her eyes, again and again。 However, what she saw was always the same: a spooky room。

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