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Chapter 1 is full of computational confusion
Standing at the corner of the second floor, Ou Jiaman can clearly see the’singing and dancing ‘downstairs, and Ou Jiamei is surrounded by several men like a queen.
Looking at her easily dealing with men, with a charming smile on her face, Ou Jiaman laughed sarcastically.
In her beautiful eyes, she scanned around and finally fixed her eyes on a man.
It’s him.
A man who faces the temptation of District Jiamei, has no heart and is indifferent.
She immediately pressed the headset and her red lips gently sipped: “The target is locked and the action is started.”
On the other end of the phone, Zou Chen knocked a few times on the computer, and the figure of the man immediately appeared on the screen.
Good eye.
It’s just… This man looks familiar.
“Long, he is Qing Yuxuan, president of Qing’s group, are you sure you can handle it? He… is not simple.”
Qing Yuxuan?
Qu Jiaman slightly hooked his red lips, but he didn’t think that his “hand-picked” man turned out to be a big shot.
“It doesn’t matter who he is. What matters is that he meets my mother’s vision. My task is to fulfill my mother’s last wish.”
Zou Chen nodded his head.
“He went upstairs.”
Qu Jiaman said OK, hung up the phone, and immediately’slipped ‘into the room.
After checking the’tools’ in the bag and making sure there was no problem, Qu Jia breathed a long sigh of relief, and the star eyes as clear as spring water landed at the door, waiting for his’prey ‘.
Kung Fu is not big, Qu Jiaman’s ear rang with the sound of opening the door.
Qu Jiaman’s cherry-colored lips evoked an evil smile. She was about to come forward to win her goal, but she felt something was wrong with her body.
Why is it so hot all of a sudden? And dizzy.
Qu Jiaman’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and suddenly he remembered the red wine he had drunk for courage. Is there something wrong with the wine?
If I remember correctly, the waiter who gave me wine seemed to… seem to have contacted Qu Jiamei.
Damn it, I neglected it.
The feeling of getting hotter and hotter in the body made Qu Jiaman’s first reaction to run away immediately, just… just the “target” he locked, but he didn’t give her any chance to “throw” her directly on the sofa.
“I don’t like playing hard to get. Since I’m here, let’s start directly.”
Qing Yuxuan is as agile as a cheetah’s body, pressing her directly under her body, without any gap, with big hands with clear joints, wandering wantonly.
At this moment, Qing Yuxuan only knew that he would follow his inclinations.
Qu Jia wanted to strangle the man with his own hands, but… but his body was getting softer and softer. Her pushing and shoving formed a charming seduction in Qing Yuxuan’s eyes.
Feeling that the body is not under his control, Ou Jiaman is more sure that there is something wrong with the wine.
Her cat’s eye-like flattering eyes ignited layers of flames with Qing Yuxuan’s kiss.
An hour later, Qu Jiaman, who was sore and weak all over, finally “broke away” from Qing Yuxuan’s control, climbed out of bed with difficulty and put on his clothes in a hurry.
Clearly, my plan is to use’tools’ to get what I want, but I didn’t think of it. I actually made a fake play and lost my precious things.
Smelly man, unexpectedly… unexpectedly tossed himself for such a long time, really underestimate his energy.
Qu Jiaman took out the lipstick in his bag, wrote a line on the paper towel next to him, and then dumped it directly on Qing Yuxuan.
“The technology is too poor to be strengthened.”
Qu Jiaman dragged her soft body and walked out of the room with difficulty. The discomfort in her body made the picture in front of her somewhat blurred. I didn’t expect the medicine to be so strong.
District Jiamei, I will definitely let you know what happens to annoying me.
Qu Jiaman gnashed his teeth, and in the beautiful eyes of bright moon like stars, there were layers of coldness.
She quickly went downstairs to meet Zou Chen. Just as she was about to walk to the side door, she saw two people gathering together.
Qu Jiaman instinctively hid aside.
“You took such an important medicine, won’t anyone die?”
A woman with a somewhat frightened voice rang in Ou Jiaman’s ear.
“Don’t worry, no, our task is to throw her into the sea and feed the sharks unconsciously when she is in a coma. Then the second lady will give us the reward, so that she, like the old woman, will disappear unnoticed and will not arouse anyone’s suspicion.”
There is greed and pride in men’s voices that cannot be concealed.
Ou Jiaman heard this sentence clearly. Is it… Is the sudden death of her mother related to Ou Jiamei?
Qu Jiaman’s eyes immediately flashed with sharp flames. She wanted to rush over and ask clearly, but… but her legs were getting softer and softer.
Watching helplessly two vague figures disappear in his sight.
Au Jiamei, I will never let you go. </p >

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