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Chapter 1 Senior temper is strange and swearing
Zeng Shao appeared at the door of the storage room in the ice rink with a broom and garbage shovel.
Twenty minutes ago, when Zeng Shao and Su Xiaoman got out of the ice rink, they ran into the senior student in charge of hygiene in the student union. Therefore, the senior sister assigned them to clean up the storage room of the ice rink on the grounds that choosing a day is not as good as hitting the day.
Su Xiaoman, who had no conscience, finally flashed away on the grounds that she was going to kick in the Taoist Temple.
The winter night in December came, the first snow stopped suddenly, the thick dark clouds were blown away, and the moonlight fell faintly. The light in the cramped storage room is dim, only a few cold moonlight projected from the small window blows away the dim light, cold wind pours in, and a damp smell hits the wall, which seems to have not been refreshed for a long time, and it permeates people strangely.
“Pa” sound, once passed to turn on the light, the light squeezed out all the darkness. She saw clearly that there was a big iron cabinet directly in front of her, which was rusted, garbage piled up on the ground, and the equipment was placed in disorder.
I felt a dull pain in my skull.
It’s really nice to ask a girl to come and clean this gloomy place? She is the only student who studies medicine and is not afraid of the dead. She dares to come to such a place at night. Zeng passed with a sigh and bent down to start cleaning.
Suddenly, there was a sudden noise in the big iron cabinet ahead.
“Who? Who is there?!” Once passed down the fear in my heart, set my eyebrows, breathed slightly, grabbed my broom, and approached softly according to the sound.
At that time, there was a noisy footstep in the aisle outside. Once passed a happy heart, just want to run out to find someone, suddenly feel a tight wrist and waist.
After a spin, she found that her hands were turned behind her, her mouth was covered, and she dodged into the big iron cabinet.
The man breathed heavily and slightly, and his body smelled of lemon, which she seemed to smell somewhere.
Is it a man?
The color of panic flashed in her eyes. When she was trying to struggle, she only heard the person behind her pressing in her ear and threatened in a low voice: “Don’t move! Don’t scream!”
Soon, she felt the strength of imprisoning her hands tightened, and she frowned in pain. The big iron cabinet was dark, and the man’s face could not be seen clearly. Only the small door of the slightly opened iron cabinet had a few rays of light coming in.
He was too scared to struggle any more. The cabinet was too quiet, and once passed, I could clearly feel the heavy breathing of the person behind me, brushing on her neck and itching.
The group of people outside seemed to be parked at the door of the storage room. At this time, there was another sound. After passing, I vaguely heard someone looking for Gu Qingrong.
Gu Qingrong? The man behind her is Gu Qingrong?
He passed slightly sideways and wanted to sweep behind him from the corner of his sight to see if it was him. But the man soon noticed her movements, and her strength increased again. She obviously felt that her arm was going to break.
The boy stared at the outside through the crack of the iron door, such as a snake entrenched in the grass waiting to escape, staring at the group of people outside, breathing slightly stagnant.
After a while, the group of people slowly left, and after there was no movement outside, he completely relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief.
Zeng passed the opportunity to break free from his imprisonment and quickly pulled out a small scalpel from his bag, which was more than the other side’s neck.
“Don’t move!” She drank.
The blade was cold and passed into the body through the skin, numbing the nerves. Gu Qingrong froze and did not dare to move again.
Zeng passed and took out his cell phone from his bag and turned on the flashlight. The light filled the narrow space instantly, and she saw the boy’s whole face red and swollen like a pig’s iguana, with stars and red spots on his white skin.
Her eyes fell on the corners of his mouth stained with bread crumbs, slightly surprised, and finally fell on the bread that rolled aside and was bitten.
He’s stealing food?
The light was too dazzling, so he subconsciously reached out to block it, and the fine hair fell to his forehead, which also covered the fear and dodge in his eyes.
He was like a fragile child whose wound was found, curled up in the corner of the cabinet and his shoulders trembled slightly.
This face looks familiar, but she doesn’t seem to recognize it.
“You…” Because I studied medicine, I was very sensitive to the smell of everyone. This familiar lemon fragrance is indeed unique to Gu Qingrong. “Are you… Gu Qingrong?”
His body stiffened, and his head hung down to one side, as if he didn’t want her to see his face.
Why is he here? Isn’t he racing on the ice rink track now?
An hour ago.
On the large ice rink in big room a, the short track speed skating competition was in full swing, in sharp contrast to the coldness of the first snow outside and the howling north wind.
With the sound of “cheering” in the audience, Gu Qingrong, a big athlete, has started from the starting point, like an arrow leaving the string, riding out of the dust and quickly distancing himself from other athletes.
After hard work, China finally successfully bid for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. As time goes by, short track speed skaters across the country are training hard, trying to pass the trials at the municipal, provincial and national levels, hoping to enter the national team one day and become a real athlete who strives for glory for the country.
Similarly, Gu Qingrong, the athlete who is most likely to enter the national team training at University A, is taking part in the semi-finals of the men’s 1000-meter short track speed skating competition held at University A in the most perfect posture.
The cheers in the audience overshadowed the tide. Zeng covered his left ear and turned to look at the senior student sitting on the left with a frown.
The senior student’s name is Lin Yuanyuan. She is a sophomore and is crazy about Gu Qingrong. This time she dragged Zeng to come here to watch Gu Qingrong’s competition together. At this time, the senior sister was so excited that she played the bubble racket in her hand, and she did not forget to marvel and praise Gu Qingrong’s handsome face for 100 rounds.
Obviously, the senior sister’s worship of Gu Qingrong is like the endless river, praising him side by side with the sun.
Xu was aware of the lack of interest in the past, and the senior sister stopped and turned to ask her: “After the past, don’t you think Gu Qingrong’s senior face is so handsome that the ghosts and gods make the gods cry?”
Once looked at Gu Qingrong, who was wearing a helmet and his face was tightly covered on the track, and his mouth smoked: “This face… is it not open yet?”
Compared with the excited senior sister next to him, Su Xiaoman, who sat on the right side of Zeng Tiao, looked much calmer and said: “Gu Qingrong, a junior majoring in architectural design in A University Design College, president of the school skating club, is also a leader among municipal short track speed skaters. This person has won the top three places in the short track speed skating trials many times and has a great reputation.”
I was surprised and asked funny: “Xiao Man, take the initiative to pay attention to a boy, it is not like your character.”
She propped up her chin and said, “Gu Qingrong has studied Taekwondo. I want to find a chance to learn from him in the future.”
“…” She knew that her best friend would only pay attention to one person because of Taekwondo.
Speaking of this, Su Xiaoman was somewhat puzzled. He looked at Gu Qingrong on the track and looked dignified: “However, I heard that Gu Qingrong was MoMo in character, strange in temper and swearing. He once swept over many students who made mistakes, even girls. I cried several girls.”
“Is his temper… all right?” He refuted it weakly.
I remembered Gu Qingrong, who helped her carry her luggage upstairs without saying a word on the day when the freshman reported for duty in early September. Although he didn’t say a word in the whole process and looked as cold as icehouse, for the sake of helping her, she classified him as a “good senior” for the time being.
“Have you seen it?” Su Xiaoman turned his head and asked with his head propped up.
This question, for fear of being found out what clue, once passed instantly unintelligent, quickly got up.
The senior sister quickly stood up and grabbed her, fearing that she would escape again. She asked, “What are you going to do?”
“I almost forgot that my body has not been dissected yet!” Zeng passed and was in a hurry to leave.
“…” Senior sister looked white and let go of her hand.
Su Xiaoman patted her senior sister on the shoulder and explained, “Senior sister misunderstood. She was talking about frog corpses. She studied medicine. The homework assigned by the teacher this time is to dissect frog corpses, extract components from frog blood, and practice suture techniques.”
When the words fell, he took out a small scalpel from his bag in time. When his mouth blew, the shining blade seemed to reflect a sharp light.
Sister Xuejie was surprised to sit back in the audience, made a request, and admired: “Sister Xuejie is really good at knife skills, please.”
Out of the ice rink, a biting cold wind poured in, and the cotton-padded clothes were tightened by the cold. The radio in the ice rink was broadcasting the process of the competition. She heard Gu Qingrong win the first place again.
Once passed low eyebrows smiled. Thinking, Gu Xuechang is quite excellent.
The boy didn’t answer, but lowered himself and got out of the iron cabinet.
Zeng passed back his thoughts and followed him out of the iron cabinet. Seeing that he was leaving, he grabbed his arm and asked anxiously, “What’s wrong with your face? Is it allergic?”
Rumor has it that he has a strange temper and loves to swear. He once scolded and cried many girls. Thinking about this, his voice dropped and he swallowed saliva timidly.
He stood upright, because his back was turned away, he did not see clearly the expression on the boy’s face at this time.
At this time, it took a long time to see clearly that he was still wearing a white and blue jumpsuit, apparently hiding here before he could change his match suit.
The boy turned around slowly, cold as icehouse’s eyes fell on her. It took a long time to say, “You must not reveal bit by bit to the third person when you ran into me today, you know?!”
Once passed dazed for a second, frowned and asked, “Why?”
“This is not something you should know.”
Many questions in her heart have not been answered. The more mysterious he is, the more she arouses her desire for discovery.
She let go of him, suddenly laughed and defiantly said, “What if I say I can’t do it?”
The boy was silent for a while, staring at her as sharp as a knife and squinting.
“I will do everything possible to get you out of school.” He finally added.
Zeng passed as if he heard a joke and laughed: “Gu Qingrong, don’t you think you are naive? Do you think the headmaster is your father? Threatening me with such an impossible thing?”
“Gu Xueren is my father.”
Before he could react, Gu Qingrong had left the storage room and soon disappeared at the corner of the stairs.
What do you mean?
Once passed, the line of sight was raised, and suddenly I saw the list of school leaders hanging on the wall. The five words “Principal Gu Xueren” were conspicuous and harsh.
Is he really the principal’s son? !

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