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Chapter One Love-hate Entanglement
In the dead of night.
Raisa Andrina was sitting on the big bed in a white wedding dress, and her white face was painted with a faint layer of rouge, which made her look sweet and moving.
Today, she has been looking forward to the wedding for three years, but the person who has been thinking about it has never appeared.
Her fingers were strangled by the ring on her fingertips, and there was only a wry smile on her face.
Will he still show up… Think about it, too… He shouldn’t have got married today.
When she looked sad, the door was suddenly opened.
What came into view was a slender man in a white suit.
There was a flash of surprise in Raisa Andrina’s eyes. He… always came back… he still cared about her a little, didn’t he?
But the next second, the surprise in her eyes turned into panic, because the man strode towards Raisa Andrina, grabbed her neck without any pity, cold track:
“Do you feel very happy that you, an unscrupulous woman, finally got your wish to marry me?”
Raisa Andrina looked at him with foggy eyes and said, “I… don’t want to get married today.”
Alendo Sharif slapped him immediately and slapped him mercilessly on Raisa Andrina’s face. His ferocious expression almost roared:
“Don’t want to? Didn’t you always hollow out your heart and think about marrying me?!”
There was a burning pain on Raisa Andrina’s face. She covered her face subconsciously: “Yes, I really want to marry you, but… I really didn’t want to be on my sister’s death day…”
Alendo Sharif narrowed his eyes slightly and was horrified: “Do you still have the face to mention your sister? It was you, it was you who killed your sister! My favorite woman!”
Raisa Andrina kept shaking her head: “I didn’t kill my sister, no…”
Alendo Sharif’s voice was full of rage, as if he could swallow her at any time: “Enough!”
In contrast, Raisa Andrina’s voice is even smaller, but she still stubbornly explains: “I didn’t kill my sister, I didn’t, really didn’t.”
Alendo Sharif looked at this seemingly pure face and only felt sick. He held out his hand and pinched it directly around her neck: “If you say one more word, I will kill you!”
Raisa Andrina looked at him with wide eyes and biting her lip.
Clearly a year ago, he said to himself affectionately that the person he loves is himself.
What’s wrong? Why did he become like this in less than a year?
She let his fingers pinch her neck. She did not dare to move, speak or cough.
I’m afraid it will attract more anger from this man.
But her forbearance, in Alendo Sharif’s eyes, is disgusting except affectation!
Alendo Sharif reached out and tore the valuable wedding dress directly from the top of Raisa Andrina.
Raisa Andrina was startled by this sudden rudeness. She reached out to cover her skirt in horror: “Alendo Sharif…”
Because, there is no affection in his eyes, only endless anger.
This is not what she wants, absolutely not!
Alendo Sharif snorted coldly. Her tearful appearance in the lower half of his eyes seemed to be just refusing to welcome her, which also made her even more despicable!
He reached out and easily grasped her two soft barbarians, disdaining even more: “What’s the matter? Is it not deliberate, just want to climb into my bed? Now, I give you this opportunity, but you don’t want it?”
Raisa Andrina twisted her body with difficulty: “Can it not be today…”
After all, today is my sister’s death day.
The disdain in Alendo Sharif’s eyes gradually turned into disgust. She always wanted to marry herself, but now she began to pretend to be reserved!
No longer giving her any chance to react, he opened his mouth and grabbed her half-exposed sweet shoulder: “Didn’t you always want to either?”
“I just want to… remind you of the past…”
Raisa Andrina is passively suffering from all this. His body is so hot that she has almost nowhere to escape.
She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t cry.
Alendo Sharif gouged out the weak people under him. How can she have the face to be her own wife and lie on this bed, this damn woman?
However, since she is here, let her bear the pain she should bear!
In the ups and downs, Raisa Andrina only felt the delicate and complicated crystal lights on the ceiling shaking and shaking.
At that moment, it hurt her eyes and made her see clearly the eyes of men on her body. What emerged was disdain and disgust.
“… Brother…” She was unable to resist him and could only make the final whine with her voice.
“Damn it.” He turned her over and gripped her back to prevent himself from looking at those eyes.
In this way, naturally no one will see the struggle in his eyes.

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