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Chapter 1 You will never escape in your life
Have you ever loved someone to the point of condemnation? Have you ever hated a person until you are desolate?
Arisha doesn’t know if all those who are not loved are like her, and they end up covered in scars, so … so painful! ?

After three years of marriage, this is the first time Fern has taken the initiative to climb into Arisha’s bed.
In her sleep, a fiery male body was pasted up. Arisha almost thought she was dreaming. It was not until her nightgown was torn up vigorously and her chest was cold that she opened her eyes, turned on the wall lamp at the head of the bed and wondered, “Fern?”
Fern heard the sound, raised his head, a pair of deep ink eyes glowing with abnormal red.
Arisha was frightened. “Have you been drinking?”
The man grinned, and the curvature of his lips burned Arisha’s eyes.
She finally saw her in his eyes, her facial features with clear edges and corners.
How long has it been since that happened that he never smiled at her like this again.
She seems to be bewitched …
Arisha bitten her lip in pain, and a drop of glittering and translucent fell from the corner of her eye. She finally became his woman.
Although this late wedding night was three years late, she … waited after all.
Just as she was still silent in the dizziness brought by this sudden happiness, Fern suddenly held her tightly and squeezed out a gentle sentence from the depths of her throat. Nan, “South-South… South-South…”
Arisha’s blurred eyes suddenly became awake, filled with warmth like being poured head-on by a bucket of ice water, so cold … trembling all over.
She pushed Fern, “Let go of me! I’m not Nancy, you see clearly, I’m Arisha, Arisha who married you for three years and kept a widow for three years!!!”
Fern was in high spirits, and felt the noise in his ears. He covered Arisha’s lips with a pillow irritably.
Arisha kept slapping him. She was in pain. A woman should have been treated gently for the first time, but he ignored her and called another woman’s name on her.
Arisha struggled vigorously. “Fern, wake up!”
The man simply took off his tie and tied her hands to the shelf at the head of the bed.
Despair hit, and Arisha could only look at the ceiling with those sad eyes open.
The next day, when the first ray of light in the morning sprinkled on the bedroom, Arisha woke up. She moved slightly and hurt as if she had been crushed.
She found that her hands were still tied to the bedstead, and she was spread all over the bed with red fruits, and the sticky feeling between her legs was still clear.
This is the man she has loved for ten years! After asking for her, he didn’t even give her a simple cleaning. What did he think she was? A nightclub lady who can come and go on call?
Arisha chuckled, and her lips aroused desperate self-mockery.
She kicked the man beside her. “Fern!”
Fern rubbed his temples and opened his eyes. After seeing this erosive scene, there was a slight surprise in his eyes, and then he quickly said airily, “Why? Haven’t my wife been satisfied last night? Didn’t you marry me just to let me fuck you? Now that you have got it, why are you doing this wronged appearance?”
No! What she wants is Fern’s heart, not … this passion without temperature!
“Since you don’t love me, why humiliate me like this?” Her eyes were red, and there was still some hope when she looked at Fern.
The man sneered, grabbed the woman’s jaw and looked at her eyes. Her eyes were full of injuries and his eyes were full of indifference. “Love? Do you deserve to talk about love? You love me, so your father caused my Chu family to go bankrupt, my father jumped off a building, and my mother almost went crazy? This is your love?”
“No, certainly not like this! Dad taught me to be honest since I was a child. How could he participate in commercial fraud to make huge profits? He doesn’t understand those things at all!” Arisha’s hands were tightly squeezed, and her palms were covered with sweat. She tried to explain many times over the years, and her mouth was going to break, but she still couldn’t shake Fern’s firm thoughts.
“Your father turned himself in! If he is innocent, how can he be sentenced to 15 years in prison with conclusive evidence?” Fern’s men’s strength increased again, which was to crush her bones.
She is in great pain, but these … how can they defeat the pain in her heart?
She doesn’t know why.
Why did my father confess? Why does her father keep silent every time she goes to prison to see her father, and drop the phone and leave as long as she talks about that incident?
“Nothing to say? Arisha, you give me a firm memory that the daughter of an enemy is not worthy of talking about love!”
“The daughter of an enemy is not worthy to talk about love. ”
Eight words, easily cut Arisha’s heart blood dripping wet, “in this case, why do you want to marry me?”
“How can I torture you without tying you to me? Although your father was sentenced, he can still eat and drink, but where is my father? He is still lying unconscious in ICU, while my mother is almost crazy. Over the years, if I hadn’t propped up Chu’s family, I’m afraid your father would have killed all three people in my family! I have to ask you to pay back this account!”
“Why? Fern, I have loved you for ten years. I am innocent!”
“Father debt son compensation, natural! Your father has no children, so you will pay them back! You don’t want to escape in this life!”

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