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Chapter 1 Last Dignity
In December, heavy snow fell under Nancheng, piling up a thick layer on the retro European windowsill.
Yan Zhen, dressed in a fiery red satin suspenders, lay prone on the marble washtable, and his stomach surged up and vomited all the wine tonight.
The bathroom door was suddenly opened, a warm mink coat was draped over Yan Zhen’s shoulder, but the mirror reflected her disgusted face.
Yan Zhen’s shoulders trembled, pushed the man’s body back, wrinkled his delicate eyebrows wearily, and whispered, “What are you doing in here? Go out!”
“Zhenzhen, don’t be so stubborn, let me take care of you, OK?”
Yan really grabbed the man’s hand wearing a wedding ring in disgust, and MoMo’s eyes were more ironic. “Then trouble Mr. Gu to take off the ring and say this again.”
“True, you understand me, engagement to Chuchu is my parents’ request, I can’t refuse, my favorite person has always been you, has not changed.”
“Don’t Mr. Gu think this requirement is too much?” I really took a few steps back, put my body on the washtable, and supported the table with both hands. “This engagement banquet, Mr. Gu is the protagonist, so I left my pregnant fiancee and ran to me. I am not afraid of being gossiped by others?”
Gu Zishu condensed this delicate and beautiful face, and his heart was full of disappointment. Originally, this engagement banquet, Yan Zhen was the protagonist.
But just three months ago, Yan’s family found her own daughter, which revealed that Yan was really an orphan adopted by Yan’s family from the welfare home. It was just a substitute she had found to appease Mrs. Yan’s loss of her daughter.
Now that the Lord is back, her substitute has lost her value and meaning of existence.
However, the biggest blow to Yan Zhen is that Gu Zishu, who was once her lover, secretly told Yan Chu behind her back, even having children.
In such a short period of time, it is ironic and ridiculous to say that Chu Huai’s child has been eight weeks old.
“I don’t care about other people’s gossip, true, I really love you, I can’t live without you…”
Gu Zishu was so anxious that he grabbed Yan Zhen’s arm and pulled her into his arms. His lips were even more important to her face.
The words were really disgusting, and I pushed Gu Zishu away with all my strength. “You let me go, you will call the police again!”
Suddenly there was a movement by the door. Gu Zishu’s heart thumped. He was able to break free and threw himself straight into the arms of the cold and expensive man by the door.
She raised her delicate and beautiful little face, nervously tugged at the sleeve of his suit, and repeatedly said, “Help me.”
The man was stunned, and before he could speak, Gu Zishu had come forward to take the real hand.
“Dear, you are here,” Yan Zhen said tightly to the man’s narrow waist and sideways to Gu Zishu. “Please stay away from me in the future, otherwise my boyfriend will not be happy!”
Gu Zishu froze instantly, laughed for a moment later, and his lips were slightly ironic. “Zhenzhen, I know you are angry with me, deliberately angry with me, but do you know who he is? He is Zhou Juan, the big fool of the Zhou family in Nancheng, and his IQ is no more than five years old. You are with him, who believes it?”
Zhou Juan obviously felt the woman in her arms trembling, her deep eyes were a few minutes deeper, and she looked up at the aggressive Gu Zishu.
Yan Zhen’s throat tightened, and his curled fingers wrinkled his shirt, leaving his mind blank for a while.
She bitten her lips white, endured the surge in her chest and said, “That’s better than you at least, and we are going to get married soon.”

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