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Chapter 1 Why are you still pretending to be a chaste and fierce woman? Who can you show it to?
There was a flash of lightning outside the window, and Mujosin couldn’t help but close his eyes.
The thunder that followed almost made her unable to support. And there are people moving back and forth behind her. She closed her eyes and tried to erase that feeling.
Kneeling on the cold floor, rubbing back and forth, it was bleeding. And she can’t move, so she can only bear the joy silently.
Rong Zaixiao didn’t think so. Looking at the people under him, his eyes flashed a touch of disgust.
“You don’t always want it, how can you pretend to be a chaste and fierce woman now?!” He pulled her hair and forced her to look at herself.
Mujosin looked back after eating pain, only feeling that his scalp was about to be lifted off by him.
She still said nothing. Rong Zaixiao gradually lost his interest, let go of his hand, and sneered: “The only difference between you and that pile of plastic is that you can have children.”
Rong Zaixiao came out of her body and didn’t bother to look at her again. Mujosin couldn’t help but turn white, looked at him, and his fingers couldn’t help moving.
Rong Zaixiao, like a fine person, didn’t even look at the people in bed, and went straight to the bathroom to clean his clothes.
She was lying on the bed, and her physical pleasure was fading away.
There was a noise in the bathroom, and she looked at it, her eyes confused.
Clearly, he has been married for two years, why he still can’t see his own good.
Mujosin doesn’t understand.
When they first got married, they just smiled and said to themselves, “You are happy when you marry Rong’s family. What you didn’t get in the first half of your life can be made up for in the second half of your life.”
Then it was like this. He touched himself for the first time in three years. The distance between two people is also so close for the first time.
She is just a substitute, bearing all the misfortunes for them.
Mujosin knew that if it weren’t for her sister, she wouldn’t even be qualified to touch it.
It is he who obviously refuses to touch himself, and it is also he who touches himself and says she is cheap.
Mujosin closed his eyes, and the tears that were about to stay were squeezed back.
Her knees had been worn out, and she looked at the small pool of dark red blood on the bed, and she was absent-minded.
She remembered that he had just been released in her body, so she also remembered that Rong Zaixiao didn’t like himself, and he shouldn’t like this child either.
A bottle of emergency contraceptive was prepared in the bedside table. She smiled and squatted down and began to rummage through the bottle.
Before the pill was opened, she opened it and poured it on her hand.
There is some hesitation in my heart. What if I have it? Will he like himself?
Mujosin has some doubts and vaguely wants to gamble. However, then he shook his head again and shook his head with a smile.
Rong Zaixiao’s temper, how could she not know it? The child, after all, can’t stay. She watched the medicine as it was about to be swallowed.
“What are you doing now?”
Rong Zaixiao stood at the bathroom door with an angry face.
Mujosin looked at it in surprise. The medicine in his hand had been put into his mouth, and he choked in his throat.
He came again quickly, grabbed her throat and grabbed the medicine bottle with one hand.
When he read the words clearly, Rong Zaixiao’s face twisted, and Mujosin was choked by him.
“Muqiaoxin Muqiaoxin, I thought you were embarrassed, but I didn’t expect it to be so vicious.” He sneered, holding the bottle tightly in his hand.
My neck was speechless, and my cheeks were squeezed red.
“You spit it out for me.” He spoke in a bad voice, and at the same time held out his hand to help her vomit without scruple.
The pill was spit out by her, and Rong Zaixiao let go of his hand. After Mujosin recovered, he looked up and watched him throw the medicine bottle into the trash can on one side.
Rong Zaixiao approached her slowly, and the sneer in his eyes became more obvious, which made Muqiaoxin feel a little flustered.
Somehow, she didn’t want to look him in the eye. Subconsciously don’t look away, and then he pinched it back.
Suddenly, lightning lit up outside, reflecting his evil charm and danger.
Mujosin’s heart was somewhat flustered, but he warned coldly, “I tell you, this child, you have to conceive if you don’t have it.”
She looked timidly at the person in front of her.
Rong Zaixiao said mercilessly: “Don’t forget, everything you have is bought by Xin Yao. Without you, she won’t be lying in a hospital bed for a long time.”
“If you’re not pregnant, do it again.” He suddenly laughed, and Sen Leng, like an evil spirit, said, “In the way you like, if you can’t do it again and again. This child, you must be pregnant, otherwise Xinyao’s life will not be saved.”
Mujosin’s face suddenly turned white, and the whole person couldn’t help shivering and greeted his eyebrow eye. Mujosin trembled: “You want to use my child for… her life?”

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