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Chapter 1 Venting Anger
Before Lauren Jones’s hand touched the bedroom door, she had heard the sound of people having sex in the room. A woman’s deep moan was mixed with a man’s low gasps that she couldn’t be more familiar with.
Lauren frowned, held back her hand, and kicked the door open.
The two entangled bodies in the room made her feel nauseous, so she turned her head in disgust, covering her mouth and nose.
The lean and handsome man on the bed stopped, glanced coldly at the uninvited guest at the door, and slapped the woman under him on the plump buttocks, “Get out.”
The woman clung to his body seductively, “Alfred, don’t make me leave…”
The man lost his patience. His voice became cold and merciless, “Get out!”
The woman dared not say one more word, picked up her clothes, wrapped them up randomly, and stumbled out of the room.
Lauren’s pink lips pressed tightly. After staring at her husband for a long while, she said coldly, “Am I ruining your good mood?”
Alfred Kent’s cold eyes flashed with deep contempt, “You’re always good at ruining it.”
He didn’t even bother to wear his clothes, leaning directly on the bed and looking at Lauren. “Why don’t you stay for a few more days since you go back to your parents’ house? What a jinx!”
He faced her naked, asking so blatantly.
“Alfred Kent!” The feelings that Lauren tried so hard to hold back were a bit out of control. “Don’t you even try to cover yourself? You look so disgusting.”
“Disgusting?” Alfred’s voice was low and cold. His face was filled with indifference. Then he stood up abruptly, walking towards Lauren without any cover.
His cold eyes made Lauren take two steps back subconsciously. Then she staggered to the ground.
Before she could feel the pain, she was held up by Alfred. He grasped her arm tightly and pinched her in pain. “You made others split for money. How dare you call me sick?”
Lauren tried to hold back the tears in her eyes, “I didn’t make you break up. It’s the engagement decided by the elders…”
The engagement caused Alfred to lose his beloved girlfriend, Carrie Green, and marry Lauren.
Lauren still remembered how jubilant she was when she knew that she was going to marry him. He was her Prince Charming that she was thinking of when she was a girl. And he actually became her husband. She smiled while putting on her wedding dress, hurriedly entering his world. But he was ice-cold while walking to her.
He thought it was her scheme that drove Carrie away.
Lauren said that people couldn’t control things, but Alfred was more willing to believe that things were always made by people. He believed that the person who planned this was this woman who had loved him for many years.
Her chin was pinched without sympathy. Lauren couldn’t hold back her tears anymore, “Alfred, I really didn’t intend to make you guys break up…”
What she said made Alfred became more aggressive, “Yeah, why would you? How noble a woman like you is! When Noah Kent hooked up with you, it must be his wishful thinking, right?”
“I really didn’t…”
“Enough! Now you want to deny it after being such a bitch, You are really disgusting.”
She heard him so clearly. Every word was like a knife stuck into Lauren’s heart.
She opened her mouth but didn’t utter a word. Her tears gradually dropped on Alfred’s hand, making people feel rather cold and forlorn.
Alfred snorted sarcastically, turned around, and threw Lauren onto the bed. His tall and sturdy body pressed against her slender body, which made her barely breathe.
“I heard that prostitutes like to sleep with rich men. You ruined my good mood today. But you came at the right time. We each get what we need.”
He said, stretched out his hand to take out his wallet, and slammed it on Lauren’s face, “I’m giving you so much money. I must flatter a bitch like you.”
Lauren looked at him with misty tears, “Alfred, you bastard.”
Alfred didn’t say a word and ruthlessly tore open her clothes. He tempted her, hurt her, vented his anger, and trampled on her dignity.
When it came to Lauren Jones, he never minded humiliating and hurting her in a vicious way. All he wanted was to see the woman who made her break up with his beloved girlfriend get bruises all over her body.
He gazed at her delicate body, breast, fair and soft skin covered with sweat and marks left by struggling. All of these made her look more charming. Alfred narrowed his eyes and got inside her without reservation.
Lauren curled up under his pressure, already losing the strength to breathe. She felt as if she were trapped in endless pain. The pain did not seem to come from the body, but from her heart which seemed to drip with blood.
She didn’t know how long it took. She was on the edge of being awake or fainting, vaguely feeling that Alfred stopped. Then he got up and left without any pity.
For him, it was venting his anger rather than showing his desire.
When Lauren barely opened her eyes again, a ray of morning light entered the room.
It was dawn and it was time to go to work…
She gave a bitter smile, a bit admiring her passion for work. Reluctantly propping up her sweat-soaked body, she dragged her legs to get up to freshen up.
There were cramps in her lower abdomen and a little blood on the bathroom floor.

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