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Chapter 00
He belongs to a strong politician family. Along with having ties in the politics , they are also running the underworld.Miraan is the current mafia head. He is fit for the position with his ruthlessness and coldness, Guns have been in his hands since he couldn’t even remember. He is brought up keeping in mind, which position he has to take.
He belongs to a strong sindhi family. He rules over his area, he has multiple businesses along with acres of land. He is a guy who believes in traditions and knows how to keep them alive.
A young lovely girl, with a big heart. She has milky white skin and chocolaty brown hair, she has plum red lips and stands at 5 ‘6 with all the self confidence. She helps everyone she can. She believes in giving and giving. But is there all love? Or is there also hatred for some, for those ,who caused her pain? Who took everything away from her?
A quite girl, with huge hazel green eyes and black hair. She is petite and barely 5’3 .She looks like a doll, who is boring to many. But is this girl really boring? Or just hidden in a lot of layers, with a lot of mysteries?
( these are some words you may need to know the translation of. I am going to use those in my story.)
SAEEN: its a word , used in sindhi culture to give respect or affection.
ADDA : brother
Ammi: mother

Chapter 1
“Get up!! we are getting late from the college “Amna said pulling the blanket off Chashman.
Chashman groaned as she sat up rubbing her eyes. “I hate you ” Chashman pouted looking at her.
A smile broke on Amna’s face, ” but i love you , now get up. Its our last practical” she said patting her cheeks. Amna was only 2 months older than Chashman, but she still treated her like a younger sister. Chashman was her( father’s sister’s) aunt’s daughter.
“Finally, we are going to be free” Chashman said and headed towards the bathroom. She got ready, while Amna collected the things they needed for the practical. They both headed downstairs.
Mrs Saeer( Amna’s mother) was busy serving the food, as they came down. They greeted everyone and took the seats.
Hanan( Amna’s brother) was done with his breakfast , he got up ” hurry up, i am getting late from university” he said looking at his watch.
“Let us eat in peace first ” Amna said with pinched lips.
“You have 10 minutes, after that, I am out. With or without you!.” Hanan said and headed towards his room. They both started eating the breakfast quickly.
“Slow down! he wont dare do that ” Mr Saeer Ahmad said chuckling.
“Aunty we will return late today, we are planning to have lunch outside with our friends. ” Chashman said as she got up and placed a kiss on her cheek.
“Call Hanan or your uncle when you are done ” Mrs Saeer said with a smile, as she patted Cashman’s head.
“Ok , ALLAH HAFIZ” Amna and Chashman went outside as they saw Hanan coming. MRS Saeer smiled seeing the children. Hanan started his corolla and they left. This house wasn’t very big, but the people living in it were satisfied with their lives.
Amna and Chashman reached their college, they were the student of 4th year. both have chosen psychology as their main subject. Chashman helped her friends in understanding some points before exam. Whoever needed help, they usually came to Chashman , even if they didnt know her. Amna was usually frustrated with this, as she knew that many of them wont do the same in return. they wont even bother saying thanks.
After the practical, both of them headed towards the restaurant infront of their college with their 3 friends. They had good time over there.
“Finally, a break from all this “one of them said with a happy sigh.
“Yes, i am going to sleep for long hours now ” another one said.
“But we wont be seeing each other daily now ” the third one said.
“We wont, but it doesnt mean our friendship will break , we will find some way to manage things ” Chashman said positively.
“These are only talks. you and Amna are lucky, atleast you will still be together. Ramsha is getting married next month, she will be leaving for Canada ” 1st girl said talking about the 3rd one.
“I don’t think anything is impossible till we lose hope, till we stop trying ” Chashman said in a grave tone , she meant more than anyone over there understood at that moment.
Amna and Chashman called Hanan once they were done. ” its going to take me 30 minutes. ek to ye Lahore ki traffic( this traffic in Lahore! ugh!!!)” Hanan grumbled.
Amna and Chashman sat there, till he arrived.
“Mere lie bhi kuch pack krwa letin!! zaalim lrkio ( you should have got something for me to eat too,! you heartless girls) ” Hanan said dramatically.
“Remember your attitude from the morning. you deserve it !!” Chashman said.
“You !! you really don’t have a heart !!!” Hanan said through pinched lips.
Amna laughed as she took out the sandwiches , they had took for him. They were like that, always fighting and teasing each other, but there, when they needed each other.
Hanan was 2 years older than both of them, but their friendship was strong. the trio did every mischievous thing together.

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