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Chapter 1 Accidentally Falling Modern
When I woke up again, Song Mu felt dizzy in his head and painful all over. It was like being crushed by a boulder. The pain went deep into the bone marrow and the cold sweat on his forehead slipped unintentionally.
Song Mu tightly sipped his lips and opened his eyes with difficulty. His body was soft and he could not lift any strength.
Song Mu’s white and petite palm touched the warm fine sand on the ground and squinted at the surrounding environment. There was no one.
What the hell is this place?
The loose and hazy deer eyes looked around. Song Mu only felt strange, not a scene in memory. There were many things on the beach that she could not understand. The colorful ones seemed to be chairs, but she had never seen them before.
This is not right.
Song Mu struggled to get up, but the next second he opened his eyes wide, and his eyes flashed a little incredible.
Where’s her magic?
Song Mu stroked her heart and saw that her hands had become the same as those of a six-year-old girl, white and petite, and fleshy!
Even if the place is not the original one, magic is gone, and people are getting smaller and die young!
Song Mu stumbled to the seaside with a hint of fear. A round and lovely face reflected in the water, with delicate lips like an apple, big apricot eyes and a proper child.
At that time, Song Mu sat on the beach in despair, staring at his fleshy hands at a loss.
A man with cold temperament slowly walked to the front of Song Mu. The man’s eyebrow eyes were clear, his jaw was tight, and his black eyes flashed with unclear emotions. Behind him stood two cold men in black suits.
Song Mu felt someone approaching and suddenly looked up. Her eyes were full of caution, but when she became smaller, she looked lovely and delicate, and seemed to have no lethality.
Looking at the sudden appearance of the girl, Gu Jingxiu’s suit man shrank a step and flustered between his eyes. Clearly, how could there still be a girl here?
Thinking about it, the man in the suit immediately said, “Gu Ye, I’ll solve it immediately”.
Solve it?
Listening to this word, Song Mu, who was still immersed in the beautiful appearance of men, suddenly recovered.
Solve means kill her? How can that work? She doesn’t even know where she is now, but she can’t just die.
Immediately, Song Mu looked at Gu Jingxiu with red eyes, and his voice was soft and glutinous. “Uncle, please keep it ~”
Gu Jingxiu has been staring at Song Mu tightly for a long time. He caught a glimpse of her facial expression constantly changing. With a sneer, his acting skill was OK.
Where does Song Mu know what Gu Jingxiu is thinking? He just wants to hold a thigh and solve the problem of food and clothing first.
This kind of coquetry soft glutinous words, she can be said to be easy to catch.
One big and one small inexplicably glaring at each other, Song Mu looked at the man’s eyes in front of him more and more dangerous, deer eyes flashed, mouth a flat.
A whoosh-rushed straight to Gu Jingxiu, hugged his thigh, looked up at Baba: “Uncle, please, my family is not here, I will starve to death without you, can you bear it?”
The man in the suit was frightened. After looking at Song Mu’s actions, he was shocked. He couldn’t react to her speed. Maybe this girl was sent by the enemy?
The man in the suit tried to reach out and pull Song Mu away, but Gu Jingxiu stopped him.
Gu Jingxiu’s eyes were sharp, but his long and narrow eyebrow eyes were filled with a faint smile: “Do you still want to be kept in my place?” Immediately, he looked around and Song Mu was alone. “My people have cleared the field. How did you get in, huh?”

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