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Chapter 1 I Want to Be Your Woman
Kora looked exhausted and desperate, as if someone took her soul away。 Tears ran down from her eyes, looking sad。 She curled up and sat down on the carpet。
Suddenly, she heard someone opening the door in the foyer。 Kora looked to the direction。 There was a man wearing a dark gray suit and coming up with a cold look。
The two gazed at each other。 And that look almost burned a hole through her hollow heart, which was already trembling and hurt like hell。 Up to now, she was still in the shock of the scene of her bestie dying right in front of her。 Her body was deformed。 And the flesh? …
She propped herself up and felt dizzy for a moment。 There were empty bottles all over the floor。 She didn’t know how much she drank。 The headache was almost killing her。 Yet still, she staggered towards the man。
“Bluce, do you still want some women?” She pulled up the corners of her mouth, far-fetched。 Her laughing was even uglier than crying。
“…” The man puckered his eagle eyebrow。 The handsome face was expressionless。 She must’ve been drinking like hell。 You could smell her breath from the door。
Kora saw that he didn’t respond。 She was in a hurry so she rushed forward and grabbed his suit, circling on his chest with her fingers, “I want to be your woman!”
The man shook off her finger and sneered。 “You are drunk。”
“I’m NOT!” She smiled like a flower, and her nose tip was red。 Yet her tears were swirling in her eyes。 “I am SOBER now than ever!”
The man’s sexy lips flitted past Kora’s ears, “Do you know what you should do as my woman?”
“Sure。” Kora’s fingers went down all the way, unbuttoned his suit, groped for his abs and muscles through his shirt。 And then, she put her fingers into his pants。
The man grabbed her little hand, pushed her down on the sofa, and pulled her dress violently with his slender white fingers。
“There’s only on condition!” When Kora saw it, she knew very well what would happen next。 Her throat was tight。 “You need a girlfriend, a celebrity。 Well, you’re looking at one。 I need you to cooperate with me to fight against Jack, CEO of YM Group。”
“I am just a playboy。 No real power~”
“No。 You are the BOSS behind Angel Capital, and I need your help。”
“…” No one could EVER find out his true identity unless his people leaked the secret。
Kora reached out to pull his hand。 The next second, she was suddenly turned over by him。 He approached to her ear。 “I want your body, your heart, EVERYTHING!”
He said it word by word。 The deep and magnetic voice was filling the air。 The hot breath was driving people nuts。 Kora was intimidated, really。 She flushed at him and couldn’t even lift up her head。
It’s just that…the man in front of her was like a LION—King of Jungle。 The shyer she showed, the more eager he was to possess and control this beautiful creature。
“You were kinda aggressive just now。 Now what?? Blushing and pretending to be pure? “
“What are you talking about?” Stubborn as her, she turned her face away。 “Are you impotent? I think you’re impotent! You don’t want the public to know about your ‘skeleton in the cupboard’, do you?”
“Impotent? Huh。” Bluce lifted his lips without laughing, grabbed her hand and pressed it on his dick。 “Am I? You know better than anyone else!”
Kora’s face instantly flushed with shame, and even her body began to become inexplicably hot。 She grabbed his hand and pressed it against her boobs。 “Do you want it?”

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