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Chapter 1 Tired of Playing
“Gu Jinfeng, I’m tired of playing. Let’s break up.”
Tang Tang’s chin slightly raised and looked at the man in front of him proudly.
“… tired of playing?”
Gu Jinfeng pressed hard, and her slender and tall figure gradually enveloped her, with a terrible coldness.
She retreated step by step until she felt a wall behind her back, and she had to stop.
Her wrist was grabbed hard, and she was locked with cold eyes of questioning and inquiry. She only felt that the surrounding temperature had dropped.
“Yes, I’m tired of playing and don’t want to play.”
Her throat tightened and her voice trembled imperceptibly, but she still pretended to be calm. “Master Yu said he liked me and asked me to marry him as the young lady of Yu’s family. I can’t miss this opportunity to achieve great success.”
She proudly said, this looks like a money worshiper, just write the word “tradesmen” on her face.
“Mrs. Yu Shao.” Gu Jinfeng repeated what she said. Her eyes were red with fire. The anger burning in her eyes as deep as night seemed to devour her. “Since you want to be Mrs. Yu Shao, why did you pester me at the beginning?”
She provoked him on her own initiative, and now this woman says she is tired of playing? !
It turns out that she has been playing with his feelings all the time?
“I was with you at the beginning because my friend and I made a bet on whether I could stir up the iceberg grass of our school, that is, you.” Tang Tang smiled, enchanting and charming. “As you can see, I won the bet and got a bet of 3,000 yuan.”
“Bet?!” Gu Jinfeng stared at her fiercely, unbelievable, “Just for 3,000 dollars!”
Those beautiful and sweet memories turned out to be all false appearances made by her deliberately? Is he too stupid… Or is her acting too superb?
“Yes, just for 3,000 yuan.” Her tone is very indifferent, as if it is not a big deal, “but you can’t even get 3,000 yuan, and for Master Joe, even 30 million is a cinch.”
She said, looked at him with disdain and disdain, and smiled. “You are just a poor boy with nothing, so you have a better face. Besides, there is nothing else. Who would be so stupid to be with you?”
Her words were like biting ice, which made Gu Jinfeng’s heart cold inch by inch.
This is the woman who used to say that even if he had nothing, he would still love him all the time.
She’s lying all the time. She’s playing with him.
His hand holding her wrist unconsciously exerted force, as if the bone would be crushed by life in the next second.
Tang Tang gasped in pain and his eyes were reddish. He didn’t know if it was painful. He raised his face and looked at him wronged. “Gu Jinfeng, you hurt me!”
Gu Jinfeng slightly zheng, the strength of the hand subconsciously loosened down, but in the face of the Zhang Jiaoqiao delicate face, anger suddenly poured on the chest.
“You deserve to say it hurts?” Ink eyes passed a bright pain color.
Tang Tang gritted his teeth to avoid the burning eyes, but his chin was severely gripped by his cool hand. The next moment, his cool thin lips tightly sealed her lips, and he was overbearing and arrogant, giving her no chance to breathe.
Then, his hand went into her clothes and wandered up wantonly!
Tang Tang opened his eyes wide in consternation, pushed him away with all his strength, slapped him severely, and shouted, “Gu Jinfeng, please show some respect!”
Red eyes are hurtful coldness and shame.
At this moment, time seemed to stand still.
The temperature in her eyes faded away, and Gu Jinfeng looked at her coldly, with anger, disappointment and sarcasm.
She breathed slowly and moved her hand slightly. She wanted to caress his face and ask him if it hurt. She didn’t know what she thought. She secretly held her hand into a fist and stuck everything she wanted to say in her throat.
Gu Jinfeng pushed his tongue against the painful inner wall and sneered, “If Yu Shichen wants to touch you, how much will he give you?”
Is his eyes looking at the goods with clear price codes?
Tang Tang’s heart was severely pained, but his lip angle was slightly raised.
“He doesn’t need to give me money for anything he does to me. After I marry him, his money is mine. If you can give me 30 million, I will play with you, but unfortunately, you can’t get it!”
Gu Jinfeng stared at her intently, trying to find out what flaw was in her face.
However, he didn’t find an excuse to convince himself that she was joking with him. She was telling him nakedly how much she made him sick!
“Good.” The tone is gentle and cold. But Tang Tang knew very well what kind of storm was hidden in this gentle one. Her palm tightened silently and she gritted her teeth secretly.
Gu Jinfeng sneered, looking at her eyes like looking at cheap goods. “Mrs. Yu Shao, I wish you a bright future and prosperity!”
After that, he shook off her hand cleanly, didn’t even bother to give her alms at a glance, and turned away, as if he couldn’t stand staying with her for another second.
Tang Tang looked at the figure that was drifting away until it disappeared.
The world collapsed in an instant and could not break the embankment.
After a long time, she took out her mobile phone, her hands were shaking all the time, and she pressed the dial button several times before pressing it. “I have already done what you said, please fulfill your promise…”
Five years later-
In a bar in Jincheng, the heat wave of DJ dance music turned over and over, and young men and women twisted wildly on the dance floor.
“Sijun, sorry, I’ll go to the bathroom, you play first.”
Tang Tang covered his mouth and left the box without waiting for an Sijun’s reply.
Today, when her colleagues had dinner, she was filled with a lot of wine. Although it was only beer, her heart was blocked and her head was a little dizzy.
She walked in a daze for a long time, but she couldn’t find the sign of the bathroom, but she really endured it, so she simply found a room with the door open and went in.
Looking around, there was no one in the room.
She was overjoyed and quickly opened the bathroom door. In front of the sink, she vomited in the dark before relieving the stuffy feeling in her heart.
Vomiting too hard, her eyes were filled with water vapor, coupled with dizziness, her eyes were hazy, and she couldn’t see the scenery clearly.
After washing a face, I tried to reach out and touch a paper towel to wipe my mouth, but I felt a hard thing.
Is it a tissue box?
She touched it several times, but still didn’t touch the paper towel. However, it seemed to feel good. What was it?
Lost turned his head and looked, his mind instantly refreshed a few minutes.
What entered the eye was a person’s naked waist. What she touched just now was a tissue box, which was clearly… this person’s abdominal muscles!
And this man is still a man!
It’s over. There’s someone in this room … </p >

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