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Chapter 1 This is your sin
Anna has thought more than once that if she loves Terry less paranoid and has no bottom line, will nothing happen in the future? Unfortunately, there has never been a “if“ in this world。
That night, there was a strong wind outside the window, and the rainstorm poured down cats and dogs。 Thunder and lightning cut through the sky, and the noise roared。
Accompanied by the roar of thunder and lightning, it is the cry and helplessness of women eating pain。
“Terry, please, I“m really inconvenient today。 Will you let me go?“
Anna was pressed on the bed in an extremely painful posture。 Her face was bloodless, her lips were pale, and her forehead was beaded with sweat as big as beans, begging for the man on her back。
The man is tall and tall, with a strong posture。 Under his handsome eyebrow peak is a pair of deep and charming eyes。 However, the eyes at the moment are full of undisguised ridicule and anger。
“Let you go? Anna, why should I let you go, You deserve all this。 If you hadn“t drugged me to force me to have sex with you and sent the video to Xingan, how could Xingan be stimulated and amputated in a car accident? Don“t you know that her biggest dream is to become a ballet dancer? How can you bear it? How can you be so vicious? It“s your own sister! “
When it comes to Singan, Terry“s anger is even more intense, and his eyes and brows are irritable。 He crashed into her body like a beast, hoping to crush her。
Anna covered her stomach in one hand and clutched the wrinkled sheets tightly with five fingers in the other。 Her face looked painful and her voice was fragmented: “Terry, believe me, no。。。 I didn“t do it, and I didn“t want to。。。 I didn“t want that to happen, Singan。。。“
Before Anna finished speaking, Terry reached out and grabbed her hair。 She was forced to look up into his eyes。 His black and thick ink eyes were full of ice, and his breath was thick, all of which spurted on her face。
“Shut up, Who are you to mention Singan“s name, As you know, The person I love is Singan, We are going to get married soon。 If you hadn“t used the means, Mrs。 Terry would be Xin Gan instead of you。 I knew from an early age that you were jealous。 You were jealous that Xin Gan could enjoy the love of her parents。 You were jealous of everything she had。 But don“t forget, if it weren“t for Xin Gan“s kindness, how could your child under a Ji girl enter the door of Xin“s family? “
Terry severely humiliated Anna with vicious words。 He just wanted to see her suffer。 Only when she suffered would he have the pleasure of revenge。
Sure enough, Anna heard the word Ji female, her face suddenly turned pale and gray, and her eyes were red with pain。
“Then you。。。 why did you marry me?“ Anna was unwilling to ask stubbornly after all。
“Marry you?“ Terry accelerated his strength, holding the hands on both sides of Singan“s waist and locking them uncontrollably。 His eyebrows were frowned, his eyes were sharp and cold, he helped his lower body, approached Anna“s ear, and said cruelly word by word: “Because, I want to see your pain, I want you to atone for Singan。“
Say that finish, Terry a strong sprint, all released in Anna“s body, and then, without hesitation to leave。
Anna looked at his disgusting wipe, and her heart instantly hurt like a hole。 Blood flowed, not because of his ruthlessness, but because he never believed her from beginning to end。 She was also a victim of that year, and she had no knowledge of it。
She never dreamed that when she woke up, she would lie in the same bed with Terry in disheveled clothes。 At the same time, the pain in her body also told her what happened to them last night。

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