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Chapter 1 Body Double
There was a rushing sound of water in the bathroom, and Miaoman“s posture was looming through the hazy water vapor。
Ye Anran closed his eyes and let hot water spill on himself。
The door was suddenly pushed open from the outside。 Before she could react, her waist was suddenly put on a pair of long arms。
“Huo Changze, you。。。“
“Don“t move。“
As soon as Ye Enran wanted to resist, he was surrounded by his hands。 The strong smell of wine came to his nostrils。 The warm body of the man also covered her back with spoil and gentleness。
She stared blankly for a moment, then frowned and endured the discomfort of alcohol smell。 She said to the man behind her, “Huo Changze, have you been drinking?“
Through the mirror, Ye Anran seemed to see his loneliness and helplessness, and couldn“t help softening his tone。 “Will you go out first?“
Huo Changze turned a deaf ear, his big hands slowly wandered on her skin, and his hot breath sprayed between her neck。
She opened her eyes wide in consternation and delight。 After three years of marriage, Huo Changze was finally willing to touch her?
But that delight hasn“t reached the fundus, but I heard Huo Changze whispering a name in her ear, “Anyao, I miss you。。。“
His tone is touching and affectionate, just like calling for a beloved lover。
It was like being poured from head to toe by a basin of cold water。 She only felt cold all over。
He took her as her half-sister, Ye Anyao, who looks and looks seven points similar to her!
She can accept his blindness, but she can never accept his body double who regards himself as another woman!
As soon as she gritted her teeth, she turned the hot and cold switch of the water heater directly, and the shower showered the two with cold water from top to bottom。
Turned around and looked coldly at the man who had woken up most of the time。 “Huo Changze, are you awake?“
Huo Changze“s action suddenly stopped。 After misty eyes and her eyes looked at each other for a long time, the drunkenness and tenderness in her eyes dissipated in an instant and turned into a biting cold。
“It“s you。“
His eyes, like a piece of ice slag, pierced her heart hard, painful and cold。
She sneered, “See who I am?“
“Ye Enron。“ Huo Changze“s cold eyes narrowed slightly and his eyes were sarcastic。 “Isn“t this what you want? It wasn“t like this when you tried your best to climb into my bed。“
Three years ago, it was this woman who used her resemblance to Anyao to confuse him into sleeping with her while he was drunk。
Afterwards, the woman clearly said that she didn“t need him to be responsible。 As a result, she turned around and joined her father, took a passionate video as a bargaining chip, and forced him to marry her on the grounds that he ruined her innocence。
“Since you are a bitch, don“t set up a chastity archway!“
The heart is like being pricked by a needle, and there is fine and dense pain。 Ye Enron gave a wry smile。 It turned out that Huo Changze thought of her so。
Take a deep breath, heartache and powerless defense: “I said long ago, I didn“t know what happened in those days, and I don“t know why my dad had it。。。“
“What about Anyao?“ He asked coldly, “In the car accident three years ago, she saved you, but you pushed her back into the car!“
This vicious woman, just forcing him to marry her is not enough。 In order to stabilize her position in Mrs。Hawn, she killed Anyao and wanted Anyao to die in the car!
Fortunately, Anyao did not die, but he ended up with both legs disabled and lost the chance to re-enter the ballet stage forever。
Every time he closes his eyes, what comes to mind is an Yao lying in a pool of blood, confused and desperate。
If he could, he couldn“t wait to strangle the woman immediately。
Thinking of what happened that year, Ye Enron“s heart suddenly surged with a great grievance。
Everyone thinks that she wants to kill Ye Anyao and secure Mrs。Hawn“s position。 No one believes her。
“I didn“t push her back!“ She defended feebly, “It“s her。。。“
“Now, you still want to argue。“ Huo Changze said coldly: “She is desperate to save you, but you have disabled her legs and become a cripple。 Don“t you feel guilty!“
“Why should I feel guilty about her!“ Her eyes were filled with tears, but she was still stubborn。 “Her legs are disabled, and she brought it on herself!“
Huo Changze“s cold fingers grabbed her chin hard, so strong that she couldn“t help but breathe in a gasp。
It seems that the next second, her chin will be unloaded by him。
He looked at her coldly, with unabashed disgust in his eyes。 “Why didn“t I find you such a disgusting woman before?“
“Looking at you more makes me sick and unable to eat!“
She gritted her teeth, leaving only desolation and bitterness in her heart。
Nothing is more heartbreaking than insulting yourself by someone you have loved for so many years。
“You call me disgusting?“ She smiled angrily, but she was unable to explain。 She felt extremely tired and simply broke the jar。 “Well, I just want to disgust you for a lifetime, that is, I want Ye Anyao to be your sister-in-law for a lifetime。 She can only call you brother-in-law forever!“
“Shut up!“ Huo Changze pinched her neck and looked Yinzhi。 “He said let me have a child with you。 I tell you now that you are not qualified to have children for me, you only deserve to be my plaything。“
He forcefully turned her body over, turned her back to him and faced the wall。 Then, in this humiliating posture, she trampled on her little dignity to the end。
And she, unable to resist。
When Ye Anran woke up, he only felt pain and thirsty。
Huo Changze is no longer in her room, but the ambiguous atmosphere left in the air reminds her how crazy it was last night。
She only moved her hands and fingers a little, as if she could involve somewhere in her body, and the pain was severe。 She lay in bed for a while, and didn“t get up until the pain was almost relieved。
The whole process of getting up and getting dressed was only ten minutes, but she felt as if a century had passed。
Dragging my sore body, I was trying to go downstairs to make breakfast。 Just opened the door, as a result, a document suddenly hit his face。
“Sign it。“ Huo Changze stood in front of her and said to her coldly。
Ye Enran was slightly stunned, and then bent down to pick up the documents that fell to the ground。 The bold Song characters of “Divorce Agreement“ came into view。
“Divorce?“ She read the two words loudly。
“Ye Enron, you don“t have to be so surprised。“ Huo Changze said jokingly, “From the moment you calculated me, you should have thought that there would be such a day。“
Ye Anran held the divorce agreement tightly, as if something was stuck in her throat, making her suddenly speechless。
Huo Changze urged her impatiently: “I will only give you one minute to sign。“
Ye Anran bit his lip and raised his head to look at him stubbornly: “What if I don“t sign it?“

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