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Chapter 1
The sun rays easily filtered into the room through the small gap between the windows. They fell on the well made bed covered in pink and white sheets. Two big pillows lay neatly at the upper side of the bed. The walls of the room were covered in all kinds of posters and wallpapers. A huge frame of the picture of a girl, a man and a woman smiling brightly hung on the wall right above the head of the bed. A long shelf was plastered to the wall with the books neatly arranged in it. Next to it a shoe rack of sneakers and different shoes.
Adjacent the shoe rack was a table with a girl seating on it. She had a headset on with music blaring in her ears cutting her off from the outside world. Dressed in a long shirt that reached her knees, she tapped her feet slowly against the table as she scrolled through her computer. She bobbled and nodded her head to the song playing in her ears. She removed her hands from the mouse and moved her hands while dancing. On the Computer was news about a popular teen singer.
She didn’t notice when the door of her room opened and a middle aged woman stepped in. On closer inspection; it wouldn’t be hard to realize that the woman in the frame above the head and the woman standing in the room were the same person.
“My dear…… �� A voice drifted into the room as a man walked inside. He stopped talking upon seeing the girl in headsets.
He walked towards her and removed the headsets as the girl turned immediately the frown on her face morphing into a smile immediately.
“Dad, Mom, when you guys get back?” She asked as she stood up.
“You are checking news about Lashe?” Her mom asked and she turned towards the computer and chuckled.
“Yeah, Snr Ibukun attends my school, she’s was my senior. She passed out this year. Who could have believed that she was LA she’s girlfriend?” she replied as her dad nodded.
“Here’s ice cream for my favorite daughter” her dad said with a smile as he handed over nylon to her.
“Thanks Dad” she said as she collected the nylon and smiled.
“Your favorite daughter?” She asked with amused eyes and her dad nodded.
“Of course. You are my favorite daughter, you don’t believe me?” He asked as the girl laughed.
“Dad, I’m your only daughter. Isn’t it normal for me to be your favorite daughter?” She asked as her parents burst into laughter.
She walked towards the computer and sat down and brought out the huge box of ice cream. She opened it and used the spoon to scoop a potion of the ice cream.
“Mom?” She asked as she turned the spoon toward her mom who laughed and walked towards her to take the ice cream.
“Ike” her dad called as she turned towards him.
“Huh?” She asked as she scooped another potion of the ice cream and swallowed it.
“You have a checkup tomorrow” her dad replied and Ike turned to the calendar on the table and raised an eyebrow.
“Okay” Ike replied as she turned to nod at her dad. Her mom dropped nylon on the bed.
“I also got some chocolates for you. M&M, Maltesers; your favorites” her mom said as Ike beamed a big smile.
“Thanks mom” Ike said as her mom nodded and Ike turned back to her computer.
Mr Adeniyi squeezed the shoulders of his wife as he led her out of Ike’s room. Ike turned as soon as she heard the door close. Sighing softly, she carried her box of ice cream along with her as she climbed her bed. Crossing her legs over each other, she reached for her phone and unlocked it.
The news of Lashe’s girlfriend was still trending like crazy even though it had been two months since the news got out. After all, he was the most popular teen singer in the country. He had a reputation of locking down news about him. If Lashes didn’t want any information about him to go viral, there was no way anyone could get their hands on it.
Everything started changing when he came out about his parents and the whole country when on rampage; just for him. Ike chuckled as she scrolled through the WhatsApp status on her phone. A lot of her friends were excited about the fact that school was resuming in a week, some were just posting random videos and posts. She clicked on the class group and rolled her eyes upon seeing that they were talking about Ibukun being Lashe’s girlfriend.
She as well almost didn’t believe it. Ibukun, Fikayo and Blessing had been a popular although not too popular trio in school. There were their two year seniors so they rarely had contact with them. Some of her classmates couldn’t believe they attended the same school as Lashe’s girlfriend. Ike closed the chat as soon as private message came in.
Babe, I and Chidima are going out tomorrow, can you make it?
I have somewhere to go. You guys have fun.
Ike dropped her phone and focused on finishing her ice cream. She pulled the nylon of chocolates closer to herself as she poured the contents on the bed before selecting a long one and tearing the nylon open. She bit into the chocolate as she took a spoon of ice cream. Generally; foods like this or rather snacks and combinations like this are advised to be avoided because they could cause tooth decay but for her; she needed this particular kinds of food to survive. Medically there weren’t good for the body.
The same food would make some other teenagers or anybody to get fat and give them tooth decay; she needed to eat them to live, to survive. Ike chuckled at the irony of her thoughts. Talk about another man’s food is another man’s poison.

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