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Chapter 1 Pregnancy
“I am pregnant, I am the child of my brother-in-law!”
After a long time, Jiang Shan suddenly looked up and glared at the woman standing in front of him: “Are you crazy? Dare to say anything!”
Obviously, Jiang Shan’s reaction today is in line with women’s imagination.
Jiang Yu, that is, Jiang Shan’s cousin, is glancing at her with arrogance at the moment and taking out a pregnancy test report from her bag. She is extremely indifferent and has unspeakable joy of victory.
“Now the child has been a month and a half, you are not so stupid that you don’t even know your husband’s handwriting!”
Jiang Shan’s hands could not stop shaking with the pregnancy test report. Looking at the clear diagnosis result on the report, her heart seemed to be firmly clenched by a big hand. Then, she could not breathe in an instant.
I see.
Jiang Shan finally had a reasonable explanation for Bo Zihan’s abnormality.
He didn’t go home all day and all night, and even she didn’t answer the phone. It turned out that this man had given himself such a big surprise!
Her whole body could not stop shaking. The mouth of the person in front of her opened and closed, saying something. She could not hear clearly. She only saw Jiang Yu’s triumphant face, which was disdain and mockery for her.
“Why are you doing this to me?” From childhood to adulthood, she has always taken care of Xiao Yu as her own sister, hoping to give her everything she can.
But a husband can’t give it.
“Because you hate it.” Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed a trace of resentment. “Clearly we read together, but every time you start to score higher than me, everyone praises you, everyone likes you, only I am alone and excluded and hated.” Xiao Yu gnashed his teeth at the thought of the past. “So, you deserve it. You deserve your husband to fall in love with you. This is your retribution.”
Jiang Shan only felt like his brain exploded.
Her sister has always thought of her like this.
Jiang Shan walked over and held Jiang Yu’s shoulder and kept shaking: “Are you crazy?”
“Ah, sister don’t want it!” As the woman screamed, Jiang Yu suddenly fell back, covering his head and fell to the ground. Soon the blood flowed out along his fingers and down his wrist. In a few seconds, it was red.
Warm touch and forehead pain, Jiang Yu naturally knew what had happened.
“Blood…” Jiang Yu could not help but put his hand in front of his eyes. Indeed as expected, it was bright red. Jiang Yu, who had never seen such a scene, really panicked. “Help!”
Jiang Yu knew that Bo Zihan would arrive soon.
Sure enough, the words sound just fell, and a tall figure at the door pushed the door and entered. His eyes quickly swept around, his eyes shrank, and he couldn’t help shouting at Jiang Shan: “What have you done this time!”
After Bo Zihan yelled, he quickly walked to Jiang Yu and squatted down to carefully examine the injury. Seeing that she was only a skin injury, he turned around and stared coldly at Jiang Shan and asked, “What’s going on?”
The present situation is already very obvious.
And Bo Zihan, also obviously came to uphold justice for Jiang Yu.
Jiang Shan wanted to explain, but when she thought of the pregnancy test report naked in front of her eyes and felt Bo Zihan’s cold sight, she couldn’t say a word, and she couldn’t support herself and slowly collapsed to the ground along the table.
Pretending to be strong vanished in an instant.
Jiang Shan did not say, just gave Jiang Yu a chance.
“Zi Han, my cousin is going to kill me, Zi Han, please help me quickly, I am so scared.”
Seeing the appearance of Bo Zihan, Jiang Yu immediately began to cry tears, the whole body shrank in Bo Zihan’s arms, delicate and touching look at his eyes, kept shaking.
Bo Zihan took a closer look at the wound on Jiang Yu’s body and saw that blood was still oozing out of his forehead. He estimated that the wound was not small and could not be delayed. So Bo Zihan picked up Jiang Yu and strode out. When he went out, he stopped in situ and dropped a sentence without looking back: “I’ll settle accounts with you when I come back!”
This is a death sentence for Jiang Shan.
He doesn’t even ask what happened before, but directly solves the problem according to his own wishes.
Jiang Shan knew in his heart that Bo Zihan said this sentence to himself, even if he didn’t point it out clearly, even if he didn’t look back at her from beginning to end.

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